Hidden Skyrim Dawnguard observations from DLC gameplay

By Alan Ng - Jun 1, 2012

Just as promised, Bethesda has given the first big details on the upcoming Dawnguard DLC expansion for Skyrim. The first gameplay trailer has been released and it reveals some very interesting new features and possible story lines that you’ll get to participate in when the new content releases this Summer.

Bethesda has set up the trailer in a way that hardcore Skyrim fans should be able to pick out the nuts and bolts of what Dawnguard will entail. From what we see from the trailer, it looks like players will be given the choice of choosing between two races, the nasty looking vampire folks, or the hunters guild otherwise known as the Dawnguard.

We see some pretty spectacular transformations going on from human, to vampire and then to these ugly-looking flying beasts with all sorts of juicy powers to use. There’s one point in the trailer where one special ability allows the vampire creatures to transform into flying bats to escape from combat when needed.

Other exciting observations include the use of crossbows for the Dawnguard, spectral horses for the vampires and a quick glimpse of mounted combat as well, which Bethesda teased just a few days ago. We have a feeling that many of you will be opting for the vampires first time around as some of the new abilities look like great fun to use. We think we saw the ability to use vampire-related shouts as well while transformed, giving powers such as detect life from a great distance.

One thing that Bethesda are keeping under wraps right now is the location of both guilds within the Skyrim universe. The great news is that this is just a teaser and Dawnguard is expected to be given a full reveal at E3 next week. Don’t forget that this will be available on Xbox 360 first for a month, before PS3 and PC users get to play. The price for this amazing looking content? 1600 of your finest Microsoft Points – Sounds like a very reasonable offer to us.

It’s a shame that this content is a timed-exclusive, but it’s obviously great news for Xbox 360 owners. Watch the trailer below if you haven’t yet and let us know of any interesting observations that you have picked out. It has taken over half a year since release, but are you satisfied with Dawnguard as the first post-release DLC for Skyrim?

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  • ZaitsevC

    Werewolves also get their own perk tree don’t get too excited vampire lovers

  • Tm_wgs

    omfg its about time they give the vampires their own questline i was so pissd when they showed favoriates to the werewolf gave them their own questline and gave us a useless power like vampiric drain
    now you werewolf players will finally see the vampires will always be better than werewolfs
    as it was meant to be now we will have more than vampiric drain we will go beast mode just like the werewolf and we will have more abilities, that will actually have a point in using hell yea iv been waiting for this for the longest omg forget multiplayer games this will be the game i play for a very long time!

  • Kinda disappointed with the narrative choice for this dlc. 🙁

  • NgTurbo

    That’s too bad Theo, E3 is going to be amazing. Where are you going to be?

  • Theosbornia

     can’t wait kinda of annoyed that im going to be in the middle of nowhere during e3 and i wont see the release till i get home….. DAMMIT 🙁