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Sony PS4, Xbox 720 download-only visions evaporated

We are used to reading about interesting Apple leaks from The Wall Street Journal, but one of their latest articles is sure to interest every gaming fan out there. According to the publication, both Sony and Microsoft were initially planning to release the next-generation PS4 and Xbox consoles with download-only capabilities.

It is not the first time that we have heard such rumors of course, but it is the first time that such a reputable source has said that this was actually in the pipeline from Sony and Microsoft.

It turns out though that unreliable internet connections around the world is the sole reason which caused both companies to have a change of heart and it means that the next console iterations from Sony and Microsoft will both feature optical disk drives. They have a point you have to say though, as imagine the hassles it would cause consumers on a 2MB connection to download a 40MB game from the PlayStation Store or Xbox Live Marketplace – it would just cause too many complaints from consumers you would feel.

Having said that, this whole new initiative about cloud game streaming could provide a workaround for those with slow internet connections, as all of the main horsepower would be handled from Sony and Microsoft’s end. They didn’t fancy it in the end though, so this discussion about disc-less consoles coming in the future will now most likely be put to bed.

Are you satisfied with having another optical disc format in next-generation consoles, or are you running such a fast internet connection that you hoped a download-only console would be possible one day? Give us your thoughts on this below. What is your current internet speed?



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