PS Vita price cut sparks debatable trouble for Sony

By Alan Ng - May 31, 2012

With the PS Vita having only been available in the west since February, you would have thought that the idea of a price cut to Sony’s new handheld is still a long way off. That doesn’t appear to be the case in France though, as Sony has confirmed that the PS Vita will be available to buy with a discount for a limited time only and strangely enough – in that country only as well.

Sony hasn’t given any explanation to why this is only taking place in France, but they have confirmed that it will last for six weeks only, starting from 1st June to 15th July. Consumers in France will be able to enjoy a €50 rebate whenever they purchase either the WiFi Vita for €249 or the 3G model for €299.

Again, it is bizarre that this deal isn’t available in other parts of Europe like the UK and the fact that US consumers who may be interested in a price cut cannot take advantage of this either. Considering that this is for France only, we doubt that this is some kind of pre-E3 announcement as they would have made it a global cut if they wanted the word to spread.

Does a price cut signal that the PS Vita is already struggling though? After just 100,000 units sold in the UK after 10 weeks on sale, some may view this price cut as Sony looking to reverse the fortunes of the Vita and get back on track with the company’s expected 16 million sales by the end of the financial year.

The biggest problem that we see at the moment though, is a lack of top quality games. Current buyers are certainly bound to be a little disappointed with the slow rollout of new AAA titles after an impressive launch, while at the same time the lack of games is hardly going to be appealing for those consumers who are contemplating a purchase.

It can only get better though when more games come out and after E3 2012 is done, Vita owners should be feeling a lot more pleased with their launch purchase once a revised game list is out. What are your thoughts on this unexpected price cut for French consumers? Are you a little bit disappointed that you cannot enjoy a discount as well?

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  • I’m glad this is getting a price drop, since it has no storage and you have to get that seperate

    • Facelord

       You say this and I got an 8gb memory card with my Vita for free, plus most Vitas come with a 4gb card as well. My 8gb of storage is enough for around 100 songs, eight downloaded games, all my save and installation files, some videos, a movie(currently Hulk vs., the Wolverine segment is too cool) and another gigabyte to spare. I’d say that’s pretty decent.

      I’m still gonna want a 128gb memory card within four years, I sooo hope they release one eventually. I think I’ll want 64gb minimum if I upgrade to a larger card, and the current largest is 32gb. That sucks.

      Heh, I’d be somewhat glad if it got a price drop so more of my friends would purchase it. I wouldn’t want Sony to lose a bunch of money on each Vita sold, though, so I personally hope it stays at its current price until they can purchase the current parts at a lower price. Again, it’s more than worth its price even with the overpriced-as-hell memory cards; I’d pay up to $400 for it and I don’t exactly have money to spare.

  • Windsor793

    If you don’t have a PS Vita it’s your loss……..the rest of us are having a great time playing top quality games in the palm of our hands!!! I have spent over 40 hours playing Ridge Racer and this game got panned but with the DLC it’s great well worth the £25 I have spent on it altogether. I love my Vita but my GF hates it 🙂

  • Facelord

    I paid $300 for the 3G Vita model and had tons of games to play on day one; at the moment I own around 8 Vita games, a few PSP titles through PSN and some awesome download-only titles like Tales from Space. My Vita has a prettier screen than my 1080p, IPS monitor, that’s a huge deal to me. Since the Vita renders at half the resolution of the average PS3 game(544p), its specs work out so that it performs roughly as well as a PS3 in terms of rendering gaming visuals. It could comfortably handle a title like Skyrim(with optimization) and it’s getting Assassin’s Creed III later this year, so I’d say it’s more than powerful enough to be impressive here in 2012 and I think it’s going to easily last me another five years or so of hardcore gaming, as long as I don’t break my system between now and then. I have very little money in my gaming budget but I go all-out on handheld gaming hardware when I know something’s gonna be really good. I do not regret paying $300 for my Vita, I would do it again over and over again if someone repeatedly sent me back in time to try to get me to wait for the price drop.

    Dodgebizkit, smartphone games are nowhere near as good as games on dedicated handhelds. Only an imbecile would feel that way.
    Plus, my Vita is waaay cheaper than a smartphone or tablet and it won’t be obsolete in a year like the greatest phones of today. You won’t get to play the latest and greatest smartphone titles of 2014 on a new cell phone you get today, the specs won’t be high enough; alternately the Vita’s hardware is still being explored and engines are gonna be optimized further for the Vita’s specific set of hardware for the rest of the thing’s life, meaning Vita games will only look better and better for the next seven or so years. Heh, to continue playing miserable little smartphone games for the next five years you’d have to pay way more than the price of a Vita and the level of quality is just nowhere near as high as what I’ll get with my physical buttons and analog stick. The Vita is absolutely worth getting, I don’t regret it for an instant.

    • DaHarv

       Im not one for many words but i agree with Facelord completely,ive had my Vita from day one and i also own pretty much the whole library of games on offer and i just cant wait for the new releases i dont regret for 1 nano second my purchase and i also own an iphone which i also think is an amazing phone/gadget and thats my point there,its in no way a dedicated games machine like the Vita its just a phone which dont get me wrong does have some very addictive games that can kill a few minutes here and there but if you want to sit down and play a real game anywhere you want now thats where the Vita comes in and in my view it has no equal and before anyone butts in with the 3ds i also have that as well and i love it but the Vita is the one for me i guess at the end of the day its all about preference.

  • Dodgebizkit

    The vita is an impressive bit of kit but the world and his mum is enjoying gaming pretty much as good on their phone or tablet so only those with cash to burn give a rats ass… I know that I 1. Probably wouldn’t use it that much and 2. A revised version will come out after a while so unless I happen to have a windfall I’m not gonna pick one up this year

    • Bethebest2008

      for a much lower price, that dont look any where near as good, i had ipad 1 and just upgraded to the 3 this last month, niether are capable of playing games as smooth as vits, fact, the controls make the difference, granted ipads have more apps, brows the web better, have billions of cheap great fun games, i know cos ive played them, but from me personally, who owns the ipad 3 and vita, vita kicks its butt all day in the game department, why? because thats what its built for. imagine how say uncharted or fifa or call of duty to name just a few would handle on ipad? impossable, vitas controls, screen and feel as a handheld for me are just spot on, granted not everyone likes the idea of gaming on the go, but it worksfor me cos when gf wants to watch tv and im like oh i wanna play my ps3, that argument no longer has to happen, jus nip in the next room and play the closest possable thing,