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Enhanced Samsung Galaxy S3 gets Canadian preference

Several consumers in Europe may have already managed to get their hands on the flash new Samsung Galaxy S III, but for consumers in the US, it is an anxious wait to find out when the device will officially go on sale.

Over in Canada though, there seems to be no such problems and Samsung appears to have opted to give Canadians the opportunity to purchase the Galaxy S III before those in the US. In a recent press release, the company also confirmed that the Galaxy S3 will be available on all four Canadian carriers, meaning that there shouldn’t be any sign of stock shortages.

Rogers, Telus, Bell and Virgin will all be stocking the device on June 20th and as an added bonus, the Canadian version of the device will also be packing 2GB of RAM, the same as those Japanese models that we told you about recently. Since the Canadian model will also utilize 4G LTE, you’ll still be getting a dual-core processor unfortunately unlike the quad-core international model. However, the 1.5Ghz dual-core Snapdragon S4 chip is no slouch by any means and with 2GB of RAM backing it up, you should be well equipped to deal with any demanding tasks that you throw at the device.

For the time being, there is still no word on if the US Galaxy S III will be out on the same June 20 date and if US models will benefit from this 2GB RAM upgrade as well. You would like to think so though, as we wouldn’t want to be in Samsung’s shoes when they face a barrage of complaints if it only packs 1GB of RAM. European owners can’t complain either really, as they are still getting the best version with a brand new Exynos quad-core chip.

Are you surprised that there is no US availability yet, despite this Canadian press release from Samsung?



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