WWE 13: Impressive 77 wrestler roster, who should make cut?

After showing you the first batch of official screenshots for upcoming brawler WWE 13, we now have some more great news for you. THQ has updated their WWE 13 website to reveal a roster space for no fewer than 77 wrestlers.

The developer had previously teased that WWE 13 would include the biggest amount of wrestlers seen in a WWE game to date and it looks like they are not kidding around. This isn’t secret information or anything like that as based on their website format, they want you to see these 77 slots and start getting excited about who may be joining the game.

The 77 slots are split up into three categories of wrestlers. There’s a Superstars section with 38 slots, a Divas section with 7 slots and also an Attitude Era section with a whopping 32 slots. The characters that have been revealed already are the same guys who featured in the trailer, so people like Stone Cold, Mankind, Undertaker, Sheamus, CM Punk, Chris Jericho and Mark Henry.

It’s interesting to see that THQ has put Undertaker in the Attitude Era section and as we told you in an earlier article, you’ll see that images have already shown him to be wearing his Ministry outfit. There are 29 slots remaining for Attitude Era wrestlers, so the possibilities endless on who is coming next. Will Brock Lesnar and the likes of Goldberg be included?

Three of those slots will surely be filled by X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn, otherwise known as some of the members of Degeneration X. We’d love to see old favorites such as Steve Blackman, members of the NWO and Radicalz perhaps and who knows, maybe even Bret Hart and Owen Hart as well. Will Shawn Michaels be put in the WWE Superstars or Attitude Era section though, likewise for Booker T?

Hopefully THQ will be revealing some more wrestlers during E3, maybe they’ll stick to the format of a few WWE Superstars and one Attitude Era superstar reveal each week on a certain day. Take a look at the website for yourself and let us know who you think should take the remaining slots.



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