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Redesigned new iPhone 5 with aluminum may divide fans

With so many rumors on the upcoming 2012 MacBook Pro in recent days, you may have forgotten that there is also the little matter of a brand new iPhone that is set to be released in October later on this year.

Within the last 24 hours, the iPhone ‘5’ rumors have really gone into overdrive though as leaked images have claimed to show the back side of the next iPhone in its entirety and if proved legit, it means that Apple will be using an aluminum design on the back combined with their traditional plastics on the front.

We’ve seen the pictures ourselves and we have to say that it looks a little odd on first impressions. We would have thought that Apple would decide on either a full plastic or full aluminum back, but they appear to decided on a mix and match combination instead. After so many previous speculation on the use of aluminum materials – would you be satisfied with this end result?

Several other key changes can be seen in the pictures over at 9to9 Mac as well, most notably a repositioning of the headphone jack now at the bottom of the device, a smaller dock connector than the usual 30-pin standard and also a redesign for the speaker grills. Other pictures also suggest that Apple has opted to move the position of their Facetime camera to directly above the front speaker, rather than on the left side as seen on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

If this is indeed the design of the next iPhone we’re looking at, we would take the white model over the black any day. Somehow the new use of aluminum on the black model doesn’t look right in our opinion. Take a look at the picture and let us know your thoughts on it. Would you be happy if the next iPhone looks like this or not?



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