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Prioritizing new iOS 6 features after Apple’s 3D map plans

The next version of iOS is expected to be unveiled at WWDC 2012, along with Apple’s latest refresh of MacBook Pro laptops. Details on what kind of new features will be included with iOS 6 are very sparse at the moment, but it looks like one main feature has now been revealed, just before Apple’s keynote.

It’s no secret that Apple has been toying with the idea of providing their own mapping service on the iPhone and iPad, so they wouldn’t need to rely on Google Maps any more. We first told you about this back in November last year, as Apple had successfully acquired the services of Swedish company C3 Technologies, who specialize in 3D mapping solutions.

Several months on and it looks like Apple may be preparing to show off their new software at WWDC 2012. Packaged within iOS 6, Apple’s new iOS maps application will provide fully rendered maps in 3D of locations around the world, complete with direction assistance similar to that seen in Google Maps today.

Like Google Maps, Apple’s maps app will feature a location button allowing you to pinpoint your whereabouts in an instant, while there will also be a 3D button which will transfer 2D maps into 3D renders in a matter of seconds. BGR has apparently acquired some very rough looking images of what they are saying is Apple’s new map app in action, while their main picture provides a render of how 3D mapping will look like once Apple officially announces it.

3D mapping is obviously a nice addition to iOS 6 if true, but we would rather see some main interface changes first as a priority. Google Maps currently works great and Google’s 2D maps gets the done job 90% of the time. The addition of Street View when searching is extremely useful as well, so we hope that Apple’s new 3D features will offer the same level of detail that Street View does, otherwise this may not be a replacement that everyone will like. We certainly haven’t seen an Apple car roaming around the streets taking photos, have you?

Would you like to see more interface changes to iOS 6 from iOS 5.1.1, rather than a 3D maps upgrade from Apple as well? Let us know what you are expecting to see with Apple’s next version of iOS.



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