PlayStation Plus revamp for Vita, remote play concerns

By Alan Ng - May 30, 2012

While one of the more adventurous rumors of E3 2012 involves a Sony announcement regarding cloud game streaming features on the PS3 for PS Plus subscribers, we have today heard stronger rumors that Sony will announce a complete revamp to PlayStation Plus at their press conference next week.

This has been a long time coming anyway, as the company has made no secret of their plans to introduce new ways to make their premium subscription to the PlayStation Network as appealing as possible to first time buyers.

One logical new approach to doing this is by extending the PS+ benefits over to the PS Vita, which Eurogamer has heard will happen starting at E3. Vita owners will apparently be able to subscribe to PS+ as well and they’ll get free ‘exclusive’ games to download, as well as free pieces of DLC as well.

Another benefit that PS+ subscribers with a Vita will have over non subscribers is the ability to back up saves and other content directly to a cloud, without the need to connect to a PS3 system or PC first. As for the future of PS+ regarding current subscribers on PS3, we’re hearing that Sony will be offering ‘top tier’ games for free as part of the package, games which presumably will be latest releases and not the mid-card games that PS3 users already have that Sony have a tendency to do with their current format.

With all this talk about improving the PSN though so ultimately Sony take home more money, we hope that there are some plans in place to improve the PS3 XMB. It is also no secret that some of the features can well do with a revamp, the internet browser being the most notorious.

As a Vita owner, are you happy to pay for a PS+ subscription if the benefits are good enough? The worse case scenario would be for Sony to announce remote play support with PS3 titles at last, but make Vita owners pay for them with a PS+ subscription. These cloud features between PS3 and Vita has massive potential obviously, but we just hope that Sony don’t get too greedy and lock away the best features of the new PSN for paid customers only.

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  • Alex

    I have a vita and I dont think I would pay for PS+ and that’s what it is cool about PSN is that you have a choice. But, I would hope to see the vita come out of its shell and have sony let us play PS3 games via remote play. This was appealing to many but then it was removed. PS+ but they should have some perks that are not available to other gamers (of course as a more expensive price)

  • Facelord

    I think Sony’s gonna acquire Onlive and combine their Playpack service with Playstation Plus. It totally makes sense, right? They’re talking about a huge PS+ revamp and purchasing a cloud gaming service, put two and two together and it totally fits. I literally haven’t read anyone else post this online in comments or articles, and I’ve been searching to see if I’m the only one to have figured this out. Maybe I’m one of the few Vita gamers to have played the heck out of Onlive in the past, hm.

    Anyways, Sony wouldn’t prevent gamers from playing PS3 games on their Vitas through remote play, they’re not the kinda company to crap on their consumers and receive tons of backlash; they strike me as the opposite, when PSN was down cuz of the hacks they gave me a few free games and were excessively apologetic; I can honestly say I wasn’t a Sony fan until the PSN hacks, they really earned my respect then. At the end of the day Sony tried to come up with a way of having gamers pay a monthly fee to them to see the money Microsoft gets and they did something extremely positive that really helps the consumer. They’re not gonna be greedy about it, they’re not gonna want their image to be tainted with anything greedy like that.

    I don’t totally know how PS+ works, but apparently all the games you get “for free” go away when you stop paying for the service; I’d be fine with this if they gave you those games back when you pay the fee on a later month but if they don’t I would never pay for PS+(except for Playpack access). Either way, the thought of playing games like Arkham Asylum and Fear 2 on my Vita’s OLED is soooo exciting… hnng.

    • Nono

      Unfortunatly thats what they did. Sony promised remote play on all ads and on their website, but now there isnt even a mention of it. They took it off thier ads and websites and have left us gamers with low hopes and disapointment. I would pay for the use of it if thats what it took, but I am begining to think they just realised the amount of money they would loose.

      • Nicholas Gatewood

        They wouldn’t make it a premium thing, dude. That’d give even more reason for gamers to be against ever purchasing a Vita, they’re very against ever losing consumer goodwill. Heck, I don’t even own a PS3 and if they made that advertised feature a premium thing I would try to sell my Vita in a heartbeat. They wouldn’t want any kind of backlash for it, seriously.

  • Nathanb82

    i have a ps vita and i have been out before and wanted to play the game that was in my ps3, so they should do something so you have that option, even if you have to pay for it, if you buy a game for the ps3 but you are always travelling having the option to play the game from the ps3 straight to your ps vita would be cool.