New Black Ops 2 X-Ray killstreak may cause big problems

By Alan Ng - May 30, 2012

Treyarch and Activision have managed to keep Black Ops 2 multiplayer a closely guarded secret for now, but one feature that has slipped out is the inclusion of a brand new ‘quadrotor’ drone killstreak that Treyarch teased on the Call of Duty website prior to its announcement.

While the idea of flying a drone with a camera and machine gun attached to it is rather exciting, we’ve heard details on another possible new killstreak that will be included in multiplayer as well. It comes in the form of an X-Ray ACOG scope that can be attached to your weapon and has several powerful features.

The first is obviously being able to see where the enemies are located, even when they are hiding behind cover. This would also be very useful in spotting campers around the map and with good communications – letting your whole team know where these guys are hiding. Secondly, we’re also hearing that this scope will give you the ability to shoot through walls, so once you have picked them out using X-Ray vision, you can kill them there and then if you wish to.

As you can imagine, this sounds like a very powerful killstreak indeed and could be overpowered if everyone is using them around the map at the same time. At the moment, this is just rumored information hinted at NowGamer and there is still some uncertain details on how long this killstreak will last for.

Is the X-Ray ACOG scope one of the early killstreaks unlocked for say 5 kills that will only last for less than a minute? Or is it one of the best killstreaks available that will be a permanent attachment to your weapon for the duration of the match? If this killstreak is put in the hands of a very good player, then all we’re gonna say is good luck because he or she is going to rack up a serious amount of kills.

What are your thoughts on this rumored X-Ray ACOG scope, does it sound overpowered to you or not? Would you prefer it to be a limited time killstreak or a permanent one for achieving say a killstreak of 15 kills? We’ll bring you more details as we get it.

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  • Big_Balls2012

    “While the idea of flying a drone with a camera and machine gun attached to it is rather exciting”
    Just sounds like the UAV out of Battlefield Bad Company 2 except it wasn’t a killstreak.
    Why do people moan about things being OP? Because when they do nerf it due to people whining about it you’ll be moaning again because they’ve nerfed it

  • Douche McGraw

    This dates me, but back in the day there was a gun that could see/shhot through walls in Perfect Dark. God knows I played that game more than anyone should have, and they managed to keep it balanced enough that you weren’t constantly dropping dead at the hands of someone using it. No doubt they’ll figure out a way to nerf it for this, as well.

  • Franzferdinand05

     Whoever wrote this is an idiot. Obviously Treyarch will balance it so it isn’t overpowered. The only thing Treyarch can’t balance is the guns.

  • Rolicia0626

    soounds like it will be good but just hope it is like the death machine as when u die you lose the scope and have the get the kill streak again

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  • SaveMeJebus

    Alan NG, if it only unlocks at 15 kill streak, then it would be a pointless perk/attachment, because to build that killstreak with campers is hard enough :-

  • Skyler

    There needs to be a counter perk to this, like one that give you a suit/cloak that covers up your body heat

    • Dfs

      the reason they invented that attachment was to catch out the campers. so your idea is quite silly. and if they make it a permanent attachment, then campers will stay inside buildings shooting anyone that tries to get in.

    • Remix_Rebel

      its x-ray scope not a thermal scope! Covering your body heat wont stop x-ray from seeing you.

  • Bob

    I think its better as a permanent killstreak. It would suck if you got it on a big map and all the enemies end up on the other side and you waste 10 or 15 seconds finding them.It will probably only show them when your looking through it. And looking through ACOG with blackops recoil will still be hard to get a kill. Even if it can shoot through walls its probably gonna take more bullets and its not gonna be the entire level probably only a limited area you can see through.

  • Carl Toolan

    I think it’s cool BUT to keep it fair you should be either able to use it for say 60 seconds to help recon and guide your team, or it ends after you have killed someone with it

  • I could care less if they put that in game. Bring it on.

  • Wtfboom

    Is that mw3 picture or black ops 2 picture?

  • Jdizzle514

    it should only be for no longer than a minute, so basically its like your own personal blackbird sounds pretty cool to me and im sure it will only be a killstreak..

  • Triggs

    It can help hide players who use wallhacks with the killstreak. I can see a problem there.

  • xshaneyx

    Ah yes, I can imagine one camping for kills to get the killstreak to kill campers.

  • owl

    Just put that assassin perk on and deal with it.

  • Danielh79

    i think the only people it will really piss off are campers. but aslong as they have it as a higher kill streak then it should be fine

  • Zavanmerchant

    It allows you to see through walls, period.

    But remember, that doesn’t mean you can sprint down a hallway and be able to see who’s around that corner, as you DO have to look down the sights.