Ideas to make Black Ops 2 4V4 zombies mode work

By Alan Ng - May 30, 2012

Fans of Call of Duty zombies listen up, as some major news has been revealed recently. We all know that there will be a brand new zombies mode in Black Ops 2, but now we’re hearing that zombies will involve a 4v4 online mode.

We told you at the start of May that zombies would be expanded to include more players. In our article ‘dreaming of an eight player Zombie mode’, we presumed that this would mean support for an eight player co-op mode against the zombies.

However, new intel reported by NowGamer suggests that the eight players could actually mean a 4v4 online mode instead! The specific nature of the 4V4 mode hasn’t been detailed though, so it is very much up for debate still. Could a 4v4 mode mean that two teams of four join a lobby and have to fight against each other, whilst fending off the zombies at the same time?

Such a mode is a massive shake-up for the traditional four-player zombie mode that we’re used to seeing and it means that these two teams will have to fight over things like weapons on the wall, perk machines and maybe even the mystery weapon box as well. This idea would obviously require a massive map, as you would have eight-players on the map at once, along with a legion of zombies running after you. It’s already been confirmed that Black Ops 2 zombies will use the same engine as multiplayer, so perhaps this all makes it possible.

Would it blend though and is it too much? We’re trying to picture two ‘home bases’ of a map if you like, with electric barriers and doors blocking the way to a neutral warzone where the two teams can slug it out. Obviously racking up the most points will declare a team the winner, but does having players square off against other players take away the co-op nature of zombie mode? Hopefully this is just ‘one’ of the several new modes that Black Ops 2 zombies will include.

Having this new 4v4 mode, combined with a new 8-man co-op mode would make for a very exciting new zombies mode for Black Ops 2. If you already have some ideas on how this 4v4 mode could work, share your thoughts with us below. Let’s hope that Treyarch shows the first gameplay at E3, along with multiplayer. Don’t miss the big news about a X-Ray ACOG killstreak here.

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  • Badassgrappler

    just the idea of all the mods and huge maps having to shoot other people while fighting zombies to me is gonna make the game suck. add more easter eggs and crazy maps and guns. even mayb more cinematics but dont mess up the gameplay. adding all that will make the game more like everything else out cod wise. thats what was good about zombies. it was straight up kick some zombie a*s and see how far u could go. dont think it should stray from that………………

  • Ellsmadness

    I think it will entail one team of four fending off a constant stream of zombies, then when they are inevitably overrun, the opposing 4 players have to fend them off, the team that killed the most zombies before they died would be hailed the winner. I think that would be the most plausible meaning for 4v4, some of the other ideas put forward dont seem viable and seem slightly ridiculous.

  • Lucaowen

    I think that would be too much like infected on modern warfare 3 to do something like that.

  • Hjellmingchad

    It could be where one team is humans and the other team is zombies. Humans stay humans but once they are killed by a player from the zombie team, they then become a zombie and join the zombie team. Just an idea.

  • cant wait for this release!

  • Tripledealkevin

    Not sure how to make the mode blend more, but perhaps there could be powerups to annoy the enemy team, like half points, half damage, double costs etc. it would add a more competitive feel to the mode 

  • 234

    That would suck copper.

  • Copperanng

    or the moist rounds?

  • Copperanng

    4vs4 one team zombies, with AI zombies Helping them, and the other team is the survivors. It alternates, after the hole team dies (the humans) it will swich sides and the other team will have a chance to go after the zombies. the team with the moist points wins. What do you guys think about that?

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