Fears for 2012 MacBook Pro quality

By Daniel Chubb - May 30, 2012

Having owned most Apple products in recent times we’ve enjoyed the journey and rise in popularity, although the production for a new 2012 MacBook Pro is highlighting issues of the past. When we received the second-generation iPad it had backlight bleeding, the iPhone 4 had cell phone signal issues, and after a delay to the 4S release date we saw battery life problems that were later discovered to be software related with the new iPhone. Hearing that some 2012 MacBook Pro production could be “outsourced” is a worry for certain Apple fans, and some of our readers have commented on a fear that this could cause a drop in quality.

Apple is strict with supply chain quality but what happens when they’re trying to meet demand? We know that Apple keep a tight check on the supply chain, but considering the labor problems in China for meeting the demand of Apple products, could the rumored outsourcing we’re hearing cause some new MacBook Pro’s to arrive with problems in a higher number than normal?

While we don’t know the 2012 MacBook Pro release date yet, and with WWDC 2012 coming closer each day, there will be a shipment schedule to meet and whispers within Apple’s supply chain are hinting at the need for outsourcing to meet this schedule. There is also an expectation for the new MacBook Pro to increase shipments up by 50% this year, when compared to 2011, which also adds to problems with meeting this demand on time.

Do you feel the increased popularity of Apple products could cause a higher percentage of problems, especially if some of the orders of iPhone 5 and MacBook’s are outsourced at the last moment? We’ve never had a problem with any of the MacBook Pro’s and Air’s in our office, and considering we will be upgrading this year it’s hoped this trend continues no matter how much demand Apple is under.

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  • Kevin Mccutcheon

    Always been a windows/linux guy true and true until Apple released the Iphone once I seen the quality and reliability (that and the fact apple made the choice to switch to intel years before) I decided to give apple a try in the laptop world. I purchased the 2011 model MBP b/c of the previous statement and 2 coworkers had them, one of them looks like the guy sanded it down w/ sandpaper it’s so rough, and I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed it. I have windows/linux/osx and haven’t had any problems using it daily I think w/ every vendor there’s bad batches of their product – imo apple’s bad batches (from what i’ve seen) are on par w/ most companies top notch products. With that said I’ll stick w/ building my own desktops but for laptops apple has the best hardware if u can afford it (fyi current phone is galaxy nexus….not a “fanboy”).

  • Kgefhjj

    Hey! Another hysterical non-news bite, just for the hell of it. Classic journalism guys!

  • [anonymous]

    I don’t get it when people complain about battery life. I am constantly on my 4S with the brightness on high, and I hardly ever get below 40% battery by the time I’m home. If it is that big a threat, carry a charger around with you, there are outlets everywhere.

  • cdingdong

    There may be a silent majority here… Just sayin’.

  • Rob Howe

    I have a 2010 15″ MBP in which I swapped the DVD out for an SSD. I’ve used it for 10-12 every day for 18 months, most of the time in very humid countries such as Thailand and Vietnam (in apartments without air-con). Not a single thing has gone wrong with it and it still feels like I’m working on a new Mac – brilliant!

  • Dr.Dan

    We have four MBPs in our house, and all of them have been on one-week plus hiatuses at the Apple Store getting fixed at least twice.  We’ve had hard drive failures, sever heating problems, video card failures, logic board failures, DVD drive failures, and all four of them had battery issue (two actually had batteries that expanded right out of the cases.  Even our copies of Snow Leopard we bought awhile back were unreadable.  Either Apple’s quality has went down, or we’re just unlucky.  I’m considering, for the first time in over a decade, going back to a Windows machine.

    • Chrisdickson00

      Because the windows machine are so reliable????

  • Sb12

    “We’ve never had a problem with any of the MacBook Pro’s”

    Since the 2011 MBP – we’ve never had any of them work in our office! Nothing but expensive, crashing, overheating and unreliable pieces of junk.

    • You’ve never had one work?

      Extraordinary. Why didn’t you ask for your money back?

      • cdingdong

        Their company needs something that looks good. As long as it looks good, functionality is not necessary.

        • Do you know Sb12’s company personally? Seems a bit of a sweeping statement.

          As a general rule — that is, as demonstrated by repeated international reports from companies that actually do repairs, in addition to the more subjective customer satisfaction data — Apple stuff is the most reliable in MacBook Pros and smartphones, as well as in the iPad category for which they don’t really have serious competition.

          My personal experience is that a MacBook Pro lasts about three years of being dragged round everywhere until something goes seriously wrong, at which point it costs about 15% of the price of the machine to fix. In the meantime, my colleagues’ Dells look literally like they’ve been used for self-defence, with keys missing, constantly grinding hard disks and terrible overheating problems. I’ve seen numerous Dell desktops actually go up in smoke (yes, smoke). Never seen it happen to an Apple.

          It’s one of the reasons I moved from PC to Apple as my main device, though I’ve had to live with both for about fifteen years.