Battlefield Premium fully revealed, B2K owners unhappy

By Alan Ng - May 30, 2012

EA will be holding their E3 2012 press conference on June 4th, but we can tell you that with just days to go before their event, Battlefield Premium has just been blown wide open. If you are planning to buy into EA’s new service, don’t miss these crucial details on what the package fully entails.

As previous speculation suggested, Battlefield Premium won’t be a pay-per-month subscription, but actually a one time fee for $50 US buyers and £39 for those in the UK. The price is obviously the same price as a full console game but there is a decent amount of content to justify the price.

Based on a fact sheet that has been posted to NeoGaf, we have learned that aside from the content that BF3 players already knew they were getting, some additional ‘premium’ features have also been revealed. For one, Battlefield Premium will allow you to have priority when being queued in servers. That special knife has also been named as the ACB-90, while interestingly premium players will also have the ability to reset their entire player stats if they want to start fresh.

The early access for premium members will account for two weeks, while your status will also give you access to official EA events, as well as the opportunity to participate in more double XP weekends and watch exclusive trailers early. Looking at the entire list though, there is definitely going to be a few elements that may upset one or two of you.

For starters, Back to Karkand is in the list of premium content included with the price but the issue here is that 90% of the total Battlefield 3 community already own Back to Karkand as it was a free download with the limited edition version of the game. We also see that Battlefield Premium will give you the opportunity to save 5 battle reports on Battlelog, but surely this is a feature that you shouldn’t have to pay for?

Having said that, if you were planning on picking up all of the DLC expansion packs anyway, then it looks like you’ll save $10 without counting Back to Karkand in the long run – so perhaps no need to be too worried at the end. Another underlying factor that may tip you over the edge is that Battlefield Premium will allow you to play Close Quarters as soon as June 4th – this coming Monday!

Will you be paying for this now that you know the full details, or do you think the package is not worth it? Battlefield Premium will be unveiled on June 4th.

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  • Eyesultrablue

    If they wanted to “One Up”  Activision then it’d be free. Or at most I’d pay 5-10 bucks. 

  • Facelord

    Yeah, I wouldn’t pay for this. It’s idiotic that these companies keep coming up with ways to pull more money out of their consumers with overpriced DLC and “services” like this that crap all over the people who DON’T pay the extra money; almost all of these features should be free for every consumer who owns the game. They should try to improve the user experience, not charge money for things like this. It’s truly sickening.

  • Kaizin514

    Ok, well, take 4 expansions at $15 a piece and you have $60, already $10 more than the going price for this. I don’t see why B2K users would be mad, considering if they DO buy all the map packs, then they will have saved $10, and for those that do NOT have B2K but still plan on getting the packs, then they save $25, so it is a win-win from that perspective.

    Now, that is assuming these are for people who are getting the packs, those who only want one or two of the “expansions” should probably ignore this “membership”. I, for one, will most likely get it because it saves me money in the long run. I am usually opposed to these type of things because usually they are meant for complete scamming of people’s money, but this doesn’t seem AS bad, although time will tell.