WWE 13 Attitude Era story lines, wrestlers desired

By Alan Ng - May 29, 2012

Last week we showed you the leaked WWE 13 trailer along with an October 30 release date. Just hours ago on Monday night Raw, WWE has now made the WWE 13 game official, confirming CM Punk as its cover star with one interesting new twist.

If you missed RAW, we can tell you that CM Punk celebrated in ring as the official box art was shown for the Xbox 360 version of the game. It is the same image that featured at the end of the trailer, which WWE confirmed on RAW will get its official showing on IGN later this week.

The box art for the game confirmed one interesting twist though – the inclusion of a WWE ‘Attitude’ logo in the top right hand side. For those of you that are unaware, it means that the game will feature elements of the old Attitude Era that became so famous between the late 1990s and the early 2000s.

It also explains why Stone Cold Steve Austin featured in the trailer, as most of you should be well aware that he was a prominent figure in this era, along with the likes of Degeneration X and The Rock. Speaking of DX, it also connects the dots when Road Dogg recently confirmed on Twitter that he and Billy Gunn did voice overs for the game. It’s obviously early days yet folks, but we could be looking at a full blown Attitude Era story mode in the game which will mimic the events that happened on Raw all those years ago.

Although it is not the return to the Attitude Era on TV that wrestling fans want to see so badly, how do you feel now that WWE are trying to recreate some of their past magic on WWE 13? Do you think it is an indication that they are close to moving away from the PG Era for good? We’ll let you know when new gameplay is released. In the meantime, tell us what Attitude Era wrestlers and story lines you would like to see in the game. Booker T & Goldust anyone?

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  • JakeNatural35

    DX,Faces of Foley,The Rock old school rock not the new one the guy who talked a lot of smack and could back it up

  • Jacob Cass

    created person story like on smackdown vs. raw 2007

  • Acelis690

    i want like in the smackdown games shut your mouth and here comes the pain taking the fight to the street everyone wants that i mean everyone and it should be like real life it should not have thing that the public cant do that is not done on wwe programing tv i think the public wants a great game not a so so 5 out of 10

  • Tylorrmejia

    The  90’s Shawn Michaels has to be in this game with his old ring attire with matching hand gear and dazzling entrance attire and flamboyant entrance moves. If that is not the way he is made in this game the whole DX Attitude Era idea will be ruined. If they can get the Attitude Era Undertaker right they must be able to do the same for the icon, the headliner, the main event, the show -stopper, Mr. Wrestlemania and Mr. Hall of Fame himself the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels.

    • JakeNatural35

      owen heart defiently

  • Tylorrmejia

    Bret, Shawn Michaels, Owen Heart, edge and add in some popular 90’s WCW wrestlers such as DDP, STING, the NWO and Ric Flair to bring back the Monday Night Wars!

  • Thechainzter

    NAO for sure…. Bret, Mankind, Cactus, Dude Love, Chainzaw Charlie (not Terry Funk), Ministry Undertaker (with music an all) DX, X-Pac, Shamrock, oh man, so many guys that should or could appear…

    • austin reynolds

      probably not ministry undertaker maybe the one he used for wrestlemania when he fought kane but he did where that costume alittle when he went ministry

    • austin reynolds

      lol i gav u 2 likes