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Secret Apple iPad that never released sold for thousands

Do you remember that rare Macintosh 128k that recently showed up on sale at Ebay for a staggering amount of money? In the end, the classic Apple product didn’t receive any bids, but another rare artifact has popped up again on Ebay – this time a 1st generation iPad prototype with not one, but two 30-pin connector ports.

Just so you are aware, this isn’t the same ‘Wozniac’ seller that put the Mac 128k up for sale. This has come from a different seller and we can tell you that the bidding has already ended.

The device was a first generation iPad that was running on Apple’s switchboard interface – a software used for diagnostic testing, so not even a basic version of iOS. The main attraction is two 30-pin connector ports, which we’re guessing was going to be a main feature of the first iPad until Apple had it removed.

Having the addition of a second connector port would give users the option of docking the device in either landscape or portrait mode, but for some reason Apple decided to stick to one and we haven’t seen two connector ports in a piece of Apple hardware since. The device originally had a selling price of just over $4000 after a few bids, but if you head to the listing here, you’ll see that the device has actually sold for a whopping $10,200.

Despite the seller’s comments about the touchscreen not working perfectly, as well as not being in pristine condition, there was obviously high interest in the device with over 20 bids in the end. It’s interesting that this seller has managed to get over $10,000 for a prototype 1st gen iPad, while the arguably more rare Mac 128k auction failed to receive a single bid.

It will also be interesting to see if the winner decides to keep the switchboard interface on the device, or try and get it running a stable version of iOS 5. Would you have paid over $10,000 for this if you had the money and the bidding was still in progress? We wonder what the odds are of Apple deciding to go back to their dual 30-pin format for future iterations of the iPad.



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