MW4 may be primed for Xbox 720, PS4, Wii U 2013 release

In what could be another massive pre-E3 gaming leak, it has been revealed that Infinity Ward are already pressing forward on their next Call of Duty project. The most exciting aspect of this though, is that a job listing has hinted that their next effort will be on next-generation consoles instead.

While Sony and Microsoft have both gone on record to say that they won’t be showing any new next-generation hardware at this year’s E3 event in June, 2013 could really be the year when the next-generation phase fully kicks into place. Black Ops 2 is the big interest this year from Treyarch, but if Activision stick to their one COD game a year pattern, then Infinity Ward’s next game will be hitting next-gen consoles in 2013.

The only next-gen console confirmed so far is the Nintendo Wii U and it’s highly unlikely that Infinity Ward would just be making a new game exclusive for that platform. Does this mean that Sony’s and Microsoft’s next PS4 and Xbox consoles are really ready to go for 2013 then? It would be very surprising if so, more on Sony’s part as the general consensus is that the PS3 still has a lot to offer, whereas many consumers are expecting the next Xbox to drop first.

The job listing can still be viewed online here as Activision are seeking a Senior Network Engineer to work with Infinity Ward on implementing ”high level network code for an exciting unannounced title for next generation console systems.” Under the requirements section, there is also a specific requirement for an interest in first person shooters, so there’s no doubt that we’re talking about a new Call of Duty game here.

Can fans finally expect a Modern Warfare 4 game with a brand new engine, on a brand new console as soon as November 2013? It will be really surprising if IW doesn’t have this game ready by their usual release window, but equally as surprising to see next-generation consoles ready to go at that point as well.

It all makes for a really interesting E3 event. Could Sony and Microsoft really be showing off next-generation hardware after telling us that they wouldn’t? This job listing perhaps suggests that they might. November 2013 isn’t too far off at all. Let us know your thoughts on a potential Modern Warfare 4 on next-generation consoles.



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