Can PS Vita hardware handle Assassin’s Creed 3?

By Alan Ng - May 28, 2012

With E3 just around the corner, it is a very exciting time for gaming fans around the world. At the same time, it is probably a very nervous time for publishers and developers as they hope their secrets are not revealed before their E3 keynotes take place.

One massive secret regarding Assassin’s Creed 3 may have been leaked though, to Ubisoft’s obvious displeasure. There’s still no guarantee that this is real until we find out at E3, but a retailer listing has been discovered for a PS VITA version of Assassin’s Creed 3.

Given the mouthwatering screenshots and trailers that we’ve seen for the console version of ACIII so far, our first reaction to a PS Vita version is – how would this even be possible? The PS Vita can handle console quality games to an extent, but Assassin’s Creed 3, seriously? We would love to see if that is possible.

On the other hand, Ubisoft may be developing a spin-off version of ACIII on the PS Vita instead, with toned down graphics and a bigger emphasis on touchscreen play, rather than mesmerizing graphics that we’re seeing on the console version. Ubisoft would surely have a massive hit on their hands if they are developing a game for the PS Vita, but we would find it very hard to believe if they can just port the console version over to the PS Vita without encountering any difficulties.

Right now, all we have to go on is a retailer listing by Zavvi. An October 31 release date is also mentioned, which puts in the same bracket as the console release. Could Ubisoft have possibly kept PS Vita development a secret, or is this too good to be true? You would imagine that developing both console and PS Vita versions at exactly the same time, for a simultaneous release is a very hard task to achieve. Somehow we have a feeling that this may be one pre-E3 rumor that will turn out to be complete rubbish. It’s good to dream though, right folks?

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  • Cjextreme3

    the vita can run ac3, no question. but can it be ported directly from the consoles is a entirely different question. firstly the vita is highly capable of running large scaled games, we have ssen larged scaled games on n64 and even gc with great visuals. such as conkers and twilight princess. the vita may not be able to have as many people on screen and throughout the cities as the console versions, but it should be able to handle enough people to still make it worthy of its console counterpart. the vita version wont need to do as many things as the ps3 version because of the smaller screen. so yes the vita can handle ac3 albeit slightly less pretty, same with umvc3 and sfxt

  • Guest

    The real point is its irrelevant, its not going to sell.

    Systems sell when they get exclusives, not downgraded ports…………..

  • Yes it can (he said more politely than poster No. 1) the question is how much do we lose in the process and would someone who could buy the Wii U, PS3 or Xbox version also go for the PSV edition. 

    There would have to be serious benefits to get anyone to do that

  • T2k123

    Lol your an idiot, I’m sorry but you are..Is the Vita powerful enough to handle ACIII, Um yes DumbAss the console has stronger aspects than both PS3 & XBOX. The only thing that Vita has is slightly weaker textures…god i hate people making stupid assumptions!

    • Aldo1988

      It has weaker textures:S????
      No hardware component exists inside the vita that is called ”textures”.
      And u are the one saying u hate people makings stupid assumptions.