Alleged Halo 4 gameplay causes more anger than excitement

By Alan Ng - May 28, 2012

We have something for Halo fans now, although whether it is worth getting excited about remains to be seen. An alleged video has popped up, claiming to show very rough gameplay from an internal Halo 4 multiplayer beta.

Just to remind you, we are just days away from the start of this year’s E3 festivities which usually only means one thing – rumors and leaks galore. This leak in particular is something special though as it has apparently been filmed on a VHS tape, bizarrely.

The footage, if you can make it out definitely shows a game in the mold of Halo, although the music played throughout the video is probably too much for you to take, so it’s definitely one you should mute when you watch it below. Interestingly, the video is yet to be pulled from YouTube by 343 Industries or Microsoft. That could be an indication that the footage isn’t real, or it could also mean that the footage is simply too awful for Microsoft to care about taking it down.

One thing you should be aware of though, is that a Microsoft spokesperson has already mentioned to Kotaku that they have seen the footage and confirmed that an internal multiplayer beta is on the way. They also said that there are no plans for a public beta at this time. We’ve seen it mentioned on several message boards, but could this video have actually come from 343 Industries themselves in order to take teasing to the extreme and build up anticipation before the game’s E3 2012 reveal?

It’s pretty hilarious if it has come from 343 Industries. Who still records footage on VHS tape anyway? Take a look for yourself and let us know your thoughts on it. The general opinion is that the footage is real, but too bad for you to get excited about right?

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  • guest

    video doesnt work……looks like microsoft has taken it down now

  • Why bother taking it down? E3’s next week, we’re obviously gonna see a lot more from that.

  • Unimpressed

    I hate on it! The loud obnoxious music, the terrible quality, the dizzying camera movement, the appalling choice of tech! I’m torn between a very clever troll cooking this up on his comp or a horribly frustrating attempt by 343 to drum up STILL MORE hype for a game we’ve seen very very little of so far.

  • Dynasty2201

    I’d say the anger comes from the fact that there’s another Halo.

    I mean come on.  Bungie said goodbye.  Let Halo go for christ sake.

  • Hate from where? haven’t seen anyone hating on it. the quality is bad but from I have seen it looks pretty good.