2012 MacBook Pro eyed by new ZenBook Prime

By Daniel Chubb - May 26, 2012

While a growing number of laptop users are going Apple, it seems that the popular brand is also receiving increased competition that not only compete on a power level, this has never been a problem for Apple alternatives, but for once are competing on a style level rather than the powerful plastic Window’s laptops we’ve seen before.

We know there are some nice slick metal laptops running Microsoft Windows, but again they have always seemed one step behind Apple in terms of style and a solid build, which is found in MacBook Pro’s and Air’s.

The new ZenBook Prime is a great option for those that love Windows – while most Apple users are thinking new MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro in 2012, and are waiting for a release date, it seems that the real announcement some Windows users wanted included the name “Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD“. The specs on this laptop are extremely impressive, which include GeForce GT 620M graphics, a full 1080p IPS display, and a solid build thanks to the brushed aluminum frame as seen in the photo below. You can also see a quick hands-on review in the video below this article. Interestingly some people might consider it looks like a MacBook Air with a quick glance, and while these same people feel most brands are copying Apple in different industries, but we’ll let you debate that one in the comments.

The bottom-line: If you love the way Microsoft Windows 8 is heading then the new ZenBook Prime is a no-brainer for you, although one thing that’s hard for most MacBook users to do is return to Windows, especially considering the love affair some people have with all Apple products. This then leaves Apple users to decide what MacBook is best for them, whether that be the Air or even the new 2012 MacBook Pro, which is rumored to be everything the Air is and a lot more. Think Thin, SSD, more power, memory, a new Retina display, and a slim profile as seen with the air – this could be the best of both worlds.

Are you looking forward to the 2012 MacBook Pro refresh with Ivy Bridge processors? What price would you like to see the new MacBook Pro start from, and is there a minimum battery life you’re looking for?

Watch the video below of the Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD at a recent press event, and then let us know if you’re thinking more along the lines of MacBook Pro or Zenbook Prime? You might also want to read our recent article on possible Voice Dictation with the next MacBook.

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  • Real Talk

    anyone that believes any company “copied” apple is a moron. from an engineering stand point of view, the way the zenbook, and most other ultrabooks (if not all) are designed to host the hardware in its smallest form to reduce weight. adding unnecessary bulk design will negate the entire purpose of having a light laptop. it’s like complaining that apple copied asus because asus zenbook uses USB3.0 since last gen, while the air JUST started using USB3.0 for this patch that was released earlier this month. and I can’t stress the fact that the main difference between a mac and pc is the OS, not the item itself, because the hardware used is almost identical. herp derp

  • pitpti

    i don’t care who copies who but this one definitely looks better than the air 

  • Scott Burrows

    If you can’t beat em… copy em… blatantly copy em…. is there no shame for the windows crowd?

    • Eddi

      Apple fan boys, haha 

      • Steven Knight

        No, not fan boy….it’s the truth. 
        Have you seen a MacBook?
        Asus have literally copied the design.

        Funny how some companies can’t think for themselves….