WWE 13 gameplay trailer shows release date, partial roster

We have some great news for wrestling fans now, as it looks like WWE 13 has been leaked a little early than THQ had hoped. The game was surely due to be unveiled at E3 2012 next month, but a trailer has already been found online, revealing the game’s release date, initial graphics and some of the wrestlers that will be involved.

There’s no question that this is a genuine video and it confirms that current WWE champion CM Punk will be the main cover star for the game’s box art as he features heavily in the teaser trailer.

A tagline of ‘live the revolution’ is also heard throughout and towards the end of the trailer we see some actual gameplay footage. We’re not sure if there’s too much improvement from WWE 12 graphics wise, but the wrestling physics certainly look like they have been enhanced. We see CM Punk able to perform his flying elbow move off the top rope, onto the helpless Chris Jericho who is lying on the announce table.

There’s also sightings of a few old school wrestlers as well, Mankind, Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin to name a few. Unfortunately, there’s no Brock Lesnar or Paul Heyman in this trailer, but interestingly at the very end of the trailer we Mark Henry and another guy break the ring after a suplex off the top rope. If you follow wrestling, you’ll know that it was Brock Lesnar who made this famous after he broke the ring with Big Show all those years ago.

According to the trailer, WWE 13 will be releasing on November 1st this year. If you pay close attention to the platforms listed at the end, there’s also a Wii logo there, so we’re presuming that this will also be available for the Nintendo Wii U as well. Unfortunately, it looks like there will be no PC release again so make of that what you will.

What are your thoughts on the graphics shown in the trailer – nothing mindblowing right? Expect a full reveal at E3 2012 – let’s hope the New Age Outlaws are confirmed as previous rumors suggest.



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