New MacBook Pro 2012 models may feature Voice Dictation

By Alan Ng - May 25, 2012

We have some exciting news for those of you who are looking to pick up a new MacBook Pro. You may have seen Apple’s new voice dictation feature on the 3rd generation iPad, but now we are hearing that we could see this feature on the new MacBook Pro models as well.

For those that are not aware, the new iPad doesn’t feature full Siri functionality yet, but it does bring a portion of the assistant’s capabilities with a fairly decent voice dictation mode. This was Apple’s first crack at shifting this over to the tablet community and now it could be extended to Mac OS X users as well.

A report over at 9to5Mac shows that Apple could make this possible, exclusively on Mac OS X Mountain Lion. At the moment, the MacBook Pro and Air models do not come with a separate voice speech button as seen on the new iPad’s virtual keyboard. However, an easy workaround appears to be in place as voice dictation on future MacBook Pro models could be accessible by simply pressing both command buttons simultaneously which are located either side of the space key.

If Apple are indeed planning to do this, we would like to see some improvements to voice dictation accuracy first. If you have used Siri on the iPhone 4 or dictation on the new iPad, you’ll know that it could obviously do with some enhancements in detecting speech more accurately.

Having voice dictation on New MacBook Pro models would obviously imply that Apple plans to make this a viable way of inputting text away from the physical keyboard. It would be fantastic if blog entries or long passages of text could be made via voice dictation on Mac OS X, but the software would obviously need some work first before this becomes a reality. At the moment, trying to input several sentences on the new iPad dictation doesn’t really work and you’ll probably agree if you have tried this out before.

Would you like to see voice dictation extended to Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pro refresh? Hopefully we will see some clarity on this at WWDC 2012 which starts next month.

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  • i_talk

    I really don’t see how the MacBook Pro could be special without the optical drive. And even if this new MacBook is more expensive, I will still have to pay $89 for the external optical drive. This new MacBook better have some great new features.

  • pbone01

    How about using the former optical drive eject button in the top right corner and slapping a microphone icon on it? That way it’s more intuitive and they can keep the nice, shiny power button where it is

  • Dmsmithlaw

    I agree.  Add voice dictation but I do hope it improves.  I have tried using voice on the iPad and iPhone and do so successfully.  However, there are many times it doesn’t work perfectly.  I have tried Dragon Dictation and am not sure which is better.  Hopefully, there are updates soon.