Huge GTA V leak outs main character, nostalgic memories

By Alan Ng - May 25, 2012

There has obviously been a lot of supposed GTA V leaks over the last few months, but with just days to go until E3 2012 we are treating this latest one with a lot more attention. A GTA V blog site has apparently leaked the ENTIRE list of characters that will be involved in the game, including the main character.

As with previous rumors on the game, it goes without saying that you should read the following information with a pinch of salt as it hasn’t been confirmed by either Rockstar or Take Two yet. Also, the following information could be spoilers overload, so look away if you don’t want to know the plot or main characters.

According to the blog, the main character will be a man known as Chico Vialpando – a 20 year old who is successful in life and has no problem ‘getting all of the ladies’. It is when he is tempted to join a local street gang and is introduced to Tony Cipriani when things start to spiral out of control. Cipriani should be ringing your alarm bells immediately, as he’s one of the main characters in Grand Theft Auto III.

Also featured in the game is Leo Johnson who is the son of Carl Johnson, otherwise known as CJ from GTA: San Andreas. Leo and Chico are cousins and Leo is apparently all that is left of CJ’s legacy, prompting him to join street gangs as well.

All this sounds very believable and according to the source has come directly from a Take Two employee. You can read the rest of the details including a more in-depth storyline through the blog link here. Wow, what are your immediate thoughts on this new character Chico? Bringing Tony and CJ’s son back into the game is a brilliant idea and we have a feeling that this is going to be one of the best plots seen in a GTA game to date.

Just to remind you, this is still a rumor until confirmed by Rockstar at E3. It obviously looks very promising though and we’re starting to get excited ourselves.

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  • AS

    Alberta De Silva Enough Said, all This is huge peace of garbage

  • jahnan

    willie, your an idiot 😉

  • GTA always has been a classic game!

  • slay

    chick vialpando is the son of Cesar Vialpando and cj sister from gta sanandreas so i belive them they said chico and leo are causins and leo is cj son it makes sence thats crazy

  • The_bryceinator

    If you ask me the guy in the trailer sounds like Ray Liotta, who was Tommy Vercetti in Vice City, who would have been in his 20’s then, so he’d be about 50 now which the guy in the trailer looks to be about. I know Houser said no old characters will come back, but watch it again and listen…

  • The_bryceinator

    If you ask me the guy in the trailer sounds like Ray Liotta, who was Tommy Vercetti in Vice City, who would have been in his 20’s then, so he’d be about 50 now which the guy in the trailer looks to be about. I know Houser said no old characters will come back, but watch it again and listen…

  • Freya

     haha that sounds awful. nice try

  • Samdglass

    Stupid rumor. It’s most possibly that Albert rumor, mainly because it was confirmed by the voice actor’s best friend and Rockstar ordered him to remove the tweet about it. Plus, the voice actor and character look exactly alike. In the trailer, he mentions having kids and “playing ball and sitting in the sun” so he will be a father or be old enough to be one. That’s the most plausible rumor. 


    Shut the F#CK up all of yous and wait for the F#CK#NG game.
    It ill be the best one yet…

  • Nath

    It (the blog) seems like a hoax or even a ‘taster’ to keep every fan of the GTA franchise guessing. They also mentioned C.J.. But not ‘Sweet’, which could prove that the blog is a hoax. However, GTA will make for legen……DARY game play regardless, if R* and Take Two play their cards right.

  • Ryan

    If your a true that fan, you know this is fake. CJ’s voice actor confirmed that R* wasn’t hiring him.

    • Darren419

      thats because the link to the rumor says CJ is dead, So of course his Voice Actor wasn’t hire. They don’t need him.

    • ListenToBob

      Dumbass >.> hes suppose  to be dead

  • noober suckston

    Darn. I wanted CJ or Vic Vance to be the main character. Oh well, just go with the flow.

    • Seanmcguig123

      Vic Vance is dead! Remember Vice City!

  • Dymez

    Nostalgia is something else. I loved the GTA III Trilogy but people gotta let it go, it’s over. Dan Houser let it be known that no one comes back. It’s going to be a fresh, new story, characters in a different Los Santos. Enjoy the ride.

  • Billy

    my arse is this true

  • 198

    if you read the full blog it explains all of your complaints you idiots

  • umm that guy in the trailer looks older than 20 to me and sounds a little older too

  • Willwalters

    “Chico Vialpando, he has the car, the money”
    “Chico was one of the lucky ones, although his parents are struggling to make ends meet.”

    Cesar has a strong sense of family in San Andreas. Even showing some care for Catalina. I doubt this would be something that wouldn’t carry over to his son.

    I just can’t see a son of Cesar having luxuries and not caring for his struggling family.

  • Boogieman309

    No I have done my fair share of research and I am convinced we will be playing the half black half Hispanic Guy. Whether this is real, who knows? We will find out at e3

    • UnknownUser28

      gta v wont be at e3 

    • ListenToBob

      dumbass >.>

  • Hobodealer

    Jesus Christ everyone is so stupid. This is not real. Rockstar said this is a new era and old characters will not be coming back. Just because it’s San Andreas doesn’t mean that every black guy in the trailer was related to Carl Johnson. Did we see Claude or any of his friends in GTA IV? No! (Apart from his clothes but that was an easter egg). Plus, Rockstar hardly ever leak information. If I were you I’d only believe it if it comes straight from Rockstar.  As soon as there’s ever a leak anyone just believes it straight away, without even questioning it!

    • Cedriccole

      Sounds like u ain’t a big fan of San Andreas an of u was u would hope this was true aswel

    • UnknownUser28

      no one said they believed straight away. read the article derp. 

    • ListenToBob


  • Boogieman309

    Idk if its just a leak but I think we will be the mixed Guy in the trailer running from the police and not that Albert Guy. I think its real

  • BigDollarzHustla

     I’m from Rockstar Games, and all of y’all can suck my 10 inches.

  • JARO

    if your gonna make up a bullshit ”leak” at least read around first and see what other rumours include… and according to most of the other leaks, the prtagonist goes by the name of ”Albert De Silva” not ”Chico Vialpando”

    • Chris

      de silva was in max payne 3, dont know why they would put the same names in games

    • ListenToBob


  • David Cervantes

    -I’ve noticed that the newer the leak, the more they get into what most of the players want. For example many people want Carl Johnson back (i don’t care imo) and now they added the son of CJ into the leak.
    -Also, this is a NEW ERA! Guess why there was no protagonists from the GTAIII era in GTAIV? Because they are different eras!
    -Another thing. If that man in the trailer is Tony Cipriani… well, what is wrong with his voice? It is really different, plus why would he travel to Los Santos due to “some business” if in the trailer he clearly states he wanted to escape “that line of work”
    -Also why would the first trailer narrate the story of a character that isn’t the main protagonist? It is like,
    “Oh guys here is a movie trailer that narrates the life of a secondary character and you get no info of the main character”

    TL:DR? let me make it shorter
    -and well… bullshit

    • Officequirk

       The narator could easily not be the main character. It is a style used in many movies and something rockstar games might do in their opening TEASER trailer. It could easily be a speech from a cut scene being spoken to the main protagonist. The purpose and direction of the teaser was to demonstrate the area and vibe of the new setting so this seems likely. It wasnt supposed to be an indepth back story of the main character. Thats what the game is for

      • 007Hake

        The narrator cannot be the main character, simply because he already is a wealthy and rich man. In the GTA games, you always start as a low class gangster hungry for money and power and work your way to the top. If you would start as a rich and powerful man…why would go on the streets shooting people and stealing cars?

        • as

          Dude….oh forget about it

  • KevinS

    Of all the “leaked info” that’s been discussed since the trailer released on November 2nd, this current leak sounds like it makes the most sense. Especially if you analyze the trailer and what’s seen in it. The main guy talking in the trailer is obviously Tony Cipriani, and he moved from Liberty City to San Andreas “because of the weather”. He talks about leaving his old line of work behind, but later says “But, well, you know how it goes.” So he continues his line of work. Then they do in fact show the main character Chico a few times in the trailer. He’s seen driving the red car. Then they show Leo(CJ’s son) running from the police in the alley. Oh and you see Tony a few more times as well.(Driving the blue car) But what brings this all together is the part in the trailer where they show all 3 characters in the trailer together. Tony knocks on the van, and Chico and Leo jump out through the back and all 3 of them storm into the building with the AK-47’s. It clearly shows Tony introducing Chico and Leo to this criminal lifestyle, so the information in this latest leak is supported by things in the trailer. You just have to use your head and think a little. GTA V will be released in October, like everyother past GTA game. The only reason GTA IV wasn’t released in 2007 was because of serious bugs and glitches in the PS3 version which caused GTA IV to be released in April of 2008. And we know Dan Houser said “No old characters.” but if we know Rockstar, we know they don’t tell us anything. He’s Dan Houser, he can say whatever he wants to throw us off a GTA V trail. I may be crazy, and completely 100% wrong, but it sounds pretty good if you ask me.

    • RAbid Dogg

      It doesn’t ‘clearly’ show anything. Why don’t you use YOUR head, moron.

    • J

      tony cipriani lived in Floridian dumb ass why would he move beacuse of the weather

  • Arosario2008

    He said old characters wont make a comeback because of their lifestyle they would most likely be already dead but that was in reference to CJ and the character from gta vice city. So it actually is very believeable that the character from Gta3 could make an apperance cause he is still alive in the current gta timeline. This is actually the most believeable rumor in months.

  • Djroonie4000

    Dan Houser said NO old characters will be returning as most are already dead or theres no point!

    So this is a load of poo poo!

  • Holy hell. This is one of the worst attempts at leaked information I’ve seen. 

  • Nick

    That’s one of the stupidest ones out of all of them.

  • Willie

    wow !! if thats true than i might pre-order the game. And i never pre-order games