Free Skyrim DLC adds mounted combat, awesome dragon slaying

By Alan Ng - May 25, 2012

We didn’t think that Bethesda would drop any more surprises until their E3 press conference next month, but we’re pleasantly surprised. The company has just announced a free piece of DLC for Skyrim, adding mounted combat which will allow you to attack whilst riding horses.

It’s obviously a small addition, but a very welcome one of course. Mounted combat was first seen in that great GameJam content preview and we’re glad to see that it has made its way into Skyrim in an official capacity. What is even better is that PC players can even try out the new feature right now, by downloading the 1.6 beta update that is available on Steam now.

Unfortunately, this means that console players will have to wait once again to try this out. Skyrim’s beta updates on PC always allows Steam users to preview new updates early, so it could be a long while yet until we see this land on Xbox 360 and PS3. If they wanted to, Bethesda could have easily charged a small fee for this which no doubt a lot of people would have bought in an instant. However, these free updates are another indication of the great support that Bethesda seem to be giving Skyrim post-release, so we just hope that extends to next year as well, and of course making all these new features available on console.

We’ve said in the past about the idea of mods becoming available on console and who knows, this could be a priority for Bethesda as well once they have released the highly anticipated Dawnguard expansion. Unfortunately, there’s no word on when that is coming out yet, but we expect a solid release date to be made at E3 – a gameplay trailer would be awesome as well.

Just to reiterate, mounted combat is now available on PC via the 1.6 beta update. Have you tried it out yet and managed to take down a dragon whilst still riding a horse? There’s a great video below showing that this is now definitely possible. Have fun with the update folks.

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  • Dgibby1234

    It’s in a patch not dlc it’s says it’s in a patch on the detailed list on their website.

  • SteelxNinja

    Did anyone notice his horse is wearing armour?

  • Codedat67

    lame, i was so expecting a whole new map lolz

    • Neaera16

       It’s free. Either you are thinking of the expansion pack stuff… or you are one of those people that is only satisfied with big stuff to download. It’s the little things that make a game awesome… and Bethesda is doing an awesome job. In oblivion they would have charged you for mounted combat. I guarantee it.

  • KasaiWolf

    Now this is why Bethesda is awesome. Not only for being one of the companies that makes DLC worth buying but also because it gives away small bits for free (Kinect shouts anyone). Not like some other scummy companies that lock DLC already on disk (Yeah I’m looking at Capcom). 

  • Map7688

    Wow!  Never would I have guessed they would add mounted combat for free.  I expected something so awesome would come in an expansion.