Behind iPhone 5 and iPad 4 manufacturing

We have been hearing a lot about the practices Foxconn use when creating products for their partners, and this received mixed reactions from both consumer and even those that work at Foxconn. We’ve heard some consumers explaining that this seems like “slave labor” in their opinion, and then some forums have had postings from Foxconn employees explaining they get “paid a lot of money” in terms of income for their part of the world.

It’s fair to say that Apple are on the ball with quality in the supply chain – while not every reader will agree with this statement, seeing Apple reject certain suppliers for not meeting standards is a sure sign that they have their eye-on-the-ball. Apple have climbed all the way to the top spot for worldwide technology companies, and having a share price back in 1990 of $35.50 to $584.90 at the start of this month shows the popularity.

Another sign that Apple are keeping an eye on the business – in a recent article by iPhone Rumors they touch on a few signs being seen right now for manufacturing of Apple products, and it’s their view that making an iPhone 5 and iPad 4 is more about politics than anything else. This has been shown with deals that are being made right now between Foxconn and Sharp, and could eventually cause problems for Samsung and their partnership with Apple, which is already rumored to be a highly stressful one.

The article also points out a few facts, this is always good when stating possibilities, and these include Apple running trial manufacturing runs with MSMC for A6 chips, and also Apple taking the supply of DRAM away from Samsung.

We’ve all heard about the courtroom battles between Samsung and Apple, but do you think the ending of contracts between these two brands can be more damaging?



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