New PSN downtime, but online gaming still possible

By Alan Ng - May 24, 2012

PSN users on PS3 were greeted with a disappointing 14 hour outage last month and unfortunately, the PlayStation Network is due to go offline again for maintenance reasons. Unlike the outage last time though, it looks like you’ll still be able to play your favorite games online.

Sony has announced through the PlayStation Blog that the maintenance will be occurring on Thursday May 24 at 8am Pacific Time or 11am Eastern Time and will last throughout the day until 11pm Pacific Time or 2am Eastern Time. For those wondering how the outage affects those in the UK, downtime will begin at 4pm UK time and last until 8am the following morning.

During the outage, online gaming will be possible but only if you stay logged into PSN before the outage period begins. Otherwise you’ll be locked out from signing into the PSN, just like you will be using the PS Vita and PSP as well. The PlayStation Store will obviously be out of action as well, but Netflix and Amazon movies should be unaffected so that’s good news if you plan to watch some movies during the downtime.

Sony has insisted on the PS Blog that the maintenance needs to happen frequently in order to ensure that PS3 users get a ‘world class online entertainment experience’. Despite the maintenance periods though – do you feel you are getting this at the moment from Sony, or are the maintenance periods every single month not really good enough? At the end of the day, online gaming still remains a free service on PS3, so perhaps there’s no reason to complain.

Will Sony be bringing down PSN in June as well? More than likely. Give us your reaction to the latest outage. Just to reconfirm – your MW3 and BF3 online sessions are not affected.

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  • RROD…Not Me.

    Too bad you have to have the inferior hardware of the XPox 360 for the privilege of paying for XPox Live…

  • Thats why I prefer Xbox Live, I don’t actually remember the last time I experienced any downtime! I don’t mind paying for a service that is superior

  • D.L. Elliott

    just sucks they seem to do this every time COD has double xp

  • Kelevra

    It’s cool, I have a life & so I have other things to do..if PSN is down that’s fine; I got what I payed for: Free. In the mean time if I wanted to play the PS3 I can still finish my Uncharted 2 storyline, no biggie.

    • Low

      KISS ASS FANBOY AT ITS BEST!! My ps3 wasnt free nor was my plus subscription. this psn going down evey month is bs. as long as you fanboys acept it sony will keep on keeping on. so FU Kelera.

  • shak

    Unbelievable! I just got my ps3 back after exams and wanted to play online!!! Grrrrrh oh well.

  • David

    Xbox live = no server maintenance. it doesn’t need to go down once a month, sony just sucks at network service. PSN goes down more times then a hooker on a street corner.

  • Admin

    What a JOKE !!!
    Maybe I should take all our clients websites down for server maintenance once a month also ….
    then I can look for a new job I guess
    Netwrk Sol Server Admin

  • moorbre

    doesnt bother me in the slightest, the complexity of these networks must be difficult and they are offering the service for free, so what if its down for half a day every month, that’s only a small amount.

    • LOW