Tradition shows MacBook Pro 2012 model about to release

By Daniel Chubb - May 23, 2012

You will always find one sure sign that a new Apple product is about to release, even without any confirmation, and this is a price drop on the old model and low stocks. This is exactly what’s happening right now to make way for the new MacBook Pro 2012 model, and it’s a tradition that goes way back for years even with the first generation of MacBook’s and iPods.

This time it is Best Buy deciding to cut the price of the MacBook Pro with lines crossing out old prices on their store, something you rarely see Apple do with their online store, and the new price at the popular electronics retailer has dropped by up to $200. The same thing happened earlier this year shortly before the iPad 3 got a release date, and we saw Best Buy drop $50 off the price of an iPad 2.

Will the new MacBook Pro be worth an upgrade? While we cannot be sure on the final specs for the 2012 model, some details are as solid as they get without Apple confirmation. You can see in our earlier article that the 2012 MacBook Pro is likely to feature a Retina display with simplified modes, and upgrades to ports, hard drive (maybe SSD), memory and of course the processor.

Now that we’re moments from WWDC 2012 and an obvious release for the new MacBook Pro, are you ready to buy one?

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