Siri Vs S Voice: Video battle tells the story

By Alan Ng - May 23, 2012

With Samsung unveiling their S-Voice assistant for the Samsung Galaxy S III, many consumers are naturally wondering if it is going to be just as good, or even better than Apple’s Siri app for the iPhone 4S. Just like Apple though, it appears that Samsung may have a new problem on their hands trying to keep the app exclusive to their upcoming new handset.

You may remember that Apple insisted that Siri was an iPhone 4S feature only and they didn’t approve of unofficial attempts to port the software over to other iOS devices. Samsung is now facing the exact same thing as recent reports suggest that they have had to ‘block’ S-Voice from being used on other Android devices after it leaked out a few days ago.

In their efforts to explain their reasoning behind the block, Samsung has said that S-Voice is still ‘test software’ and that they didn’t want consumers to judge the program before they have had a chance to improve it. Correct us if we’re wrong, but isn’t the Galaxy S III due out in a matter of days in Europe anyway? It sounds to us like they just want to keep the app exclusive to the Galaxy S III as a method of selling more handsets – Apple style and obviously very logical from a business point of view.

With that issue out of the way, how does S-Voice actually compare to Siri for those that have managed to have an early test run on either the Galaxy S III or other Android devices? An excellent video provided by GSMArena tells the exact story and based on what we see, it looks like Siri may still be on top for the moment. Siri performs searches much more quickly, and the speed of S-Voice may grow to be frustrating for Android users.

One thing that S-Voice does do better than Siri at the moment though is open specific apps. Telling Siri to change your Facebook status or open Dropbox results in your assistant politely replying that she is unable to do this. S-Voice on the other hand has no problem doing this, so this may be an area which Apple needs to improve on.

Should Samsung really be focusing on blocking this app from other Android users, rather than trying to improve the speed of S-Voice searches before the device launches in Europe? They won’t want to play second fiddle to Apple of course, but it looks like Siri may be the better assistant for the time being. If you have had a chance to preview both already, let us know which app you think comes out on top.

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  • Deftdrummer

    I use Siri almost daily and I find it incredibly useful. One of the real world tests GSM Arena didn’t perform was “set alarm for an hour and thirty two minutes from now” or something to that affect. Any time combination works with Siri every time. I suppose the calendar entry was decent enough. 

    On both Android phones I know for a fact I’d be throwing it at the wall due to the inconsistencies and slow speed. Not to mention, the phone on the far right can’t even pronounce simple words correctly such as “to.” Also that software is not S Voice, it is a third party app that is also available for the iPhone called Assistant. This was not mentioned in either articles. 

    Mathematics could be a useful tool and all phones performed this task correctly. However S-voice still took forever for simple math. I’d like to see how long an addition problem with large numbers would take on Svoice. The major difference here is that is Siri displays a stub while S voice reads the result outloud. 

    The final somewhat annoying variant is that there does not appear to be auto-end speech detection on Svoice, requiring constant interaction. 

    S-voice is a washed up attempt at duplicating Apple. The main difference between the copycat software and Siri is CONSISTENCY.  

  • Batmanvsjoker

    S voice is and will be better. You can update your social media and also open the camera and say “goodbye galaxy” to close the app. Samsung is currently working on the speed and it will make it that much better. Siri is very cutting edge but doesnt have that many functions, unless you consider “hiding a dead body” useful.