Revised HTC Ice Cream Sandwich update list for 2012

By Alan Ng - May 23, 2012

We recently told you how Motorola had provided a much needed update on the Ice Cream Sandwich update status for their collection of handsets. Now we’re pleased to say that it’s HTC turn, as the company has provided a similar list with some important information for owners with handsets such as the Rezound and the Thunderbolt.

The good news, is that a lot of you are going to be happy. Ice Cream Sandwich updates may be taking their time to come out, but looking at the list it seems that HTC has done a good job in trying to bring Android 4.0 to as many handsets as possible.

Even older handsets such as the HTC Thunderbolt are getting the update, as is the Desire S and Desire HD. Thunderbolt owners should expect the update to occur between July and August, while the Desire HD update is scheduled between July-August and the Desire S a little sooner between June-July.

Unfortunately, it looks like those of you with a Droid Incredible 2 are in for an anxious wait. HTC has basically said that they are still deciding on whether this handset will get the update or not, with a decision to be made before the end of August. Expected ICS updates are happening for the Sensation line of handsets, and there’s good news for Vivid, Amaze 4G and Rhyme owners as well.

It’s a good idea to bookmark and study the update chart over at HTC’s website here. Early HTC Flyer buyers are probably regretting their purchase right now, as the website also drops the bad news that the device will remain on Honeycomb forever.

Overall, it’s nice of HTC to provide these kinds of details that consumers are obviously desperate to hear. The move seems to have been prompted by Motorola’s recent ICS chart, so let’s see if Samsung decide to provide a similar chart soon. Are you happy with this information provided by HTC, or has your handset been left off the list?

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  • Dennisj1128

    What a terrible article.  The decision is not going to be made by the end of August, the upgrade will be out by the end of August…this is obvious by reading HTC’s press release and has also been confirmed by HTC for those that have trouble reading the accompanying paragraph.