Gran Turismo 6 whispers, PS4 release realism

By Alan Ng - May 23, 2012

Are you ready for the next installment of Sony’s premier racing franchise on the PS3. You probably would have thought that a Gran Turismo 6 game was light years away from a release, but recent evidence has proved that an announcement may well be on the cards very soon.

Polyphony Digital are a company well known for taking their time with games. Gran Turismo 5 owners had to wait four years between an announcement and a eventual release, but just like previous games in the franchise, the game delivered.

There’s a lot of expectation on Sony and Polyphony Digital to once again deliver a quality game for GT6, especially with the likes of Forza breathing down their necks with every new release. There’s also no word on what development stage the game is currently at, but Brian Dunn, Sony’s Associate Brand Manager has stated on his LinkedIn account that development is apparently already under way.

Earlier on we told you that another Sony employee had outed a PS Vita version of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, but the information on his account still remained public. Dunn on the other hand has swiftly moved to remove all evidence of the GT6 mention, but thanks to that magic tool known as Google Cache, you can still view it here.

We doubt that the game is so far ahead that Sony can make this a PS3 release though. A much more likely scenario is that Gran Turismo 6 could indeed be one of Sony’s launch titles for the PS4. If Polyphony Digital want another four years to get the game finished, then 2016 is obviously well in the realms of PS4 territory. What about E3 this year though, is it possible that Sony may now be forced to mention the game? If we were to really stretch things, we would say that some sort of ‘tech demo’ for GT6 may be shown from Sony soon, to let everyone know at least that a new game is coming.

If you’re a die-hard Gran Turismo nut, what are you hoping to see from the next game? Presuming that this is a next-gen title we’re looking at, do you think 2016 is a realistic launch window for the game, or do you need something similar in the mold of GT5: Prologue to keep you busy?

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  • Greystown

    I think GT6 will be a launch tittle for the PS4. It has to be because Kaz said before the launch of GT5 that they were developing at such a level that it would be more suited for the next generation of consoles. And I hope they wait until next year to announce the PS4 because I have tons of games I haven’t beat yet, and there are more in the pipeline so… I could be happy for quite awhile with my PS3, and GT5 is just fine, still play it everyday. When GT6 does come out I want, more tracks, more damage, and more customization. And regular car updates.