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First Marvel Heroes MMO gameplay gets fans talking

If you previously wasn’t impressed with the outing of Avengers: Battle for Earth which will only be a Xbox 360 and Wii U title, we have another Marvel offering which may interest you. The Marvel Heroes MMORPG game has been in development for some time, but we’re pleased to say that the very first gameplay trailer has now been shown off.

It looks pretty fun too, but we can’t hide our disappointment in reminding ourselves that this will be a PC game only. Having looked at the trailer, it seems like this game is crying out to be on console as well and you’ll probably agree with us after watching it.

There’s no release schedule for Marvel Heroes yet which may be slightly worrying, but at least this trailer gives us and every other Marvel fan an exact idea of how the game is shaping up. If you have played Marvel Ultimate Alliance, you will probably say that this game almost looks like an upgraded version of that. There also seems to be a Diablo vibe about it as well, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing having these two games as initial comparisons.

MUA was great fun, but again this is a PC game only remember so Gazillion, the developers behind the game are going to have their work cut out if this is going to be a huge success on just one platform only. We see the likes of Deadpool, Spiderman, Wolverine and even Black Widow in the trailer. It looks like the main plot is going to evolve around the cosmic cube, which you should now be very familiar with if you have watched all of the recent Marvel movies and The Avengers of course.

Having seen the trailer though, does this game really qualify as a true MMORPG? It’s a shame it’s not going to be on console, but it definitely looks promising regardless. One to keep an eye on folks.



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