iOS 5.1.2 update wished before iOS 6

By Daniel Chubb - May 22, 2012

We’ve been hearing about a few rumors surrounding possible iOS 6 features over the last few weeks, which is not surprising considering WWDC 2012 is almost here, but there are plenty of users running iOS 5.1.1 that have problems and want a fix to these as soon as possible.

While our tests have found hardly any issues with the latest software update, the same cannot be said for other users with hundreds of posts on the official Apple forums. These users are wishing for the iOS 5.1.2 update to fix issue they have, and iOS 6 couldn’t be further from their mind. The focus for some people is if these issues should be expected with each update, and considering the amount of people owning iOS devices you’d expect problems from a certain amount of people.

It’s fair to say some of the problems being reported could be isolated cases that are related to specific installs, more weight is given to this after our tests with 3 different iPhone 4S models running the latest iOS. Intermittent problems we’ve heard about include crashing with Safari, App Store updates crashing certain apps, and the email client crashing. We first thought this is a small problem affecting a select number of users, especially considering our tests, but it’s clear there is some sort of pattern considering the amount of users reporting similar crashing and freezing. You can see for yourself via the Apple forums here.

Are you more concerned about an iOS 5.1.2 update releasing rather than iOS 6? The issues being reported are not tied to just the iPhone and we’ve heard about the iPad 3 also having intermittent problems as well since iOS 5.1.1, although a few users have managed to correct issues with a fresh install of the software. You can read more on iOS 6 in a recent article here.

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  • Fish4kingi-onmanukau

    I just wish Apple would get their iOS right so users are happy people. It is incredibly frustrating having paid heaps for a smart phone only to have its operating system and battery failing. I, for one, am seriously considering moving to an android.

  • Lsla

    SHUT UP.