Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 on PS Vita could revive system

By Alan Ng - May 22, 2012

If you thought the first Castlevania: Lords of Shadow game was great, then you’ll be delighted to hear that a sequel is apparently on the way. Featured on console last time around, we’re also hearing that Lords of Shadow 2 will be extended to other platforms, including an exciting PS Vita version as well.

The first game was well received, picking up countless positive reviews from critics and ending up with a user Metacritic score of 8.2 which obviously isn’t bad. A potential sequel has now come out of nowhere though, as the PaulGaleNetwork is reporting that this game is indeed a reality, and aside from PS3, Xbox 360 and PS Vita releases, the game will also come to the Nintendo Wii U as well.

MercurySteam is once again on development duties and additional details by Paul Gale reveal that the Wii U version may even be ‘superior’ to PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. Just to refresh your memory, Paul Gale is no ordinary rumor leaker – he was the first person to release details on the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. At the time he referenced the game under a codename of ‘Title Fight’ and released the first image of SweetTooth from Twisted Metal.

Obviously all of those details turned out to be true, so it looks like yet another E3 secret has been blown wide open. A console sequel to Lords of Shadow is great news, but we’re more impressed to see that a PS Vita version is in the works. How much will they be able to squeeze into the portable version from console? We have seen with Uncharted: Golden Abyss that the PS Vita can deliver console quality games in 3D, so it’s very exciting.

The first Castlevania game on the PS Vita is a mouth-watering prospect and if you have been playing the franchise since the days of the NES, you’ll know that this could turn out to be a massive game for Sony and Konami. If you played and loved the first game, let us know your thoughts on the upcoming sequel. Expect details at E3 next month.

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  • ZanetheWise

    I’m not a big fan of linear Castlevanias. The series didn’t really come into its own, IMO until Symphony of the Night. So the extremely linear LoS mission structure is a big step backwards in my eyes. That said, I get that the series’ new direction has its fans. LoS outsold my favorite Castlevanias (Aria and Dawn of Sorrow) by a healthy margin with the help of a decent marketing budget.

    Even so, will it revive Vita? I doubt it. The original sold less than a million copies across XBox360 and PS3, so I don’t see how a new non-exclusive entry will suddenly bring Vita to the forefront of consumer consciousness.

    It’s not that I think that a resurgence in popularity is impossible for Sony’s handheld, on the contrary. But the revival has to come from Sony themselves in the form of must-have exclusives. Hopefully Sony shows off great first party Vita software in two weeks at E3, for their own sake (and for the sakes of my Vita-owning friends).

  • gregory netus

    castlevania lords of shadow 2 for psvita ,this is great ,wow, one of my favorite game of all time,#1 grand theft auto,#2 god of war,#3 syphon filter,#4 castlevania,#5 resistance,so wow this game is going to be legendary,with great graphics,storyline, gameplay,cutscenes,this game got style,word up son peace,psvita the great.