Amazon’s 10-inch Kindle Fire to rival iPad 3, Nexus Tablet

By Alan Ng - May 22, 2012

We have spoke recently about Apple potentially launching a smaller version of their iPad to compete with the upcoming Google Nexus tablet, but now we have interesting rumors suggesting that Amazon may be preparing a larger version of their popular Kindle Fire tablet.

If you have been keeping up to date with rumors regarding Google’s tablet, you’ll know that one of Google’s primary motives is thought to be releasing a tablet specifically to target Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which is very popular due to its $199 price point.

What better way for Amazon to counter this move by unleashing a brand new version of their Kindle Fire, one which offers a bigger screen and another value for money price tag. Information cited at Digitimes reveals that a 10-inch Kindle Fire tablet will release sometime during the third quarter and that it may even be equipped with a quad-core processor.

The 7-inch model with a dual-core processor is selling well as it is, so Apple and Google will have their work cut out if these reports are true. The new 10-inch is unlikely to come in at the same $199 price tag, but $299 would still be a great price for consumers.

Google are keeping quiet about their tablet project for now and Apple are unlikely to talk about an iPad successor at WWDC so soon after debuting the ‘New iPad’. How highly do you rate the Kindle Fire though as a viable competitor to tablet devices from Samsung, Apple and soon to be Google? Many consumers associate the Kindle Fire as just a fancy way to read books, but as we’ve seen with the device’s other features – it does a lot more than just handle e-books.

If you had to make an instant decision on the new 10-inch Kindle Fire, a new iPad with a quad-core CPU or a Google Nexus Tablet with Jelly Bean – what would you choose and why?

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  • jurkey52

    NEXUS definitely, the 7″ with jellybean is what I’ve been waiting for. Nothing else will tempt me till I get one.

  • D:)

    Nexus tablet

  • Grant

    New iPad. All day long.

  • This is really awesome piece from Amazon.

  • derekmski

    Nexus Tablet, because it’s cheap, will be getting all the updates, and it’s running vanilla android with no crapware or lockdown to amazon like the cough kindle fire cough.