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Playable Kevin Butler may grace PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

If you are as excited about the upcoming PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as we are, you’ll be pleased to hear that some fantastic names have just been added to the character roster for the game.

Sony has yet to announce this, but a Tweet by Eric Laden, otherwise known as the voice behind inFAMOUS character Cole McGrath confirms his appearance in the game. Not only that, but the Tweet also reveals that he will be joined by Nathan Drake which was inevitable, but also Snake himself and the voice actor behind the character, David Hayter.

The Tweet and account associated with Laden has mysteriously vanished, but you can view an image of the Tweet courtesy of IGN here. If you needed further evidence that the three big guns are on the way to the Battle Royale, there’s also confirmation of their appearance over at the game’s IMDB page.

If you study that, you may also notice one other big surprise. It looks like everyone’s favorite VP Kevin Butler is going to be featured in the game in some capacity – whether as a playable character or perhaps some cutscene promos remains to be seen though. It would be pretty hilarious if Sony are planning on making him an actual character – what kind of weapons would he have?

As we’ve said before the possibilities for this game in terms of characters is endless. If it’s true that Kevin Butler is a character then it’s obviously open for even more crazy suggestions. Somehow the idea of having Cloud from FF7 in the game doesn’t seem so farfetched any more, even if Square-Enix does have their Dissidia franchise or not.

What are your thoughts on Kevin Butler, Cole, Nathan Drake and Snake being in the game? Who else are you hoping to see announced at E3?



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