Hilarious Grand Theft Auto memories before GTA V release

By Alan Ng - May 21, 2012

It’s fair to say that a lot of people are pumped up for the release of Grand Theft Auto 5. Rockstar has been silent on details, but clearly you lot are finding other ways to keep yourselves entertained.

If you are a regular Twitter user, you’ve probably noticed that there seems to be a rather healthy debate going right now as to what the Grand Theft Auto franchise has taught you. At the moment, there is a worldwide trend for #GrandTheftAutoTaughtMe and as you can imagine there are some very funny replies.

The franchise is obviously known for its high level of ‘acceptable’ violence and this is the influence which many of you remember for your key GTA memories. There are thousands of Tweets to pick out, ones which made us laugh out loud but here are a selection for you to read as an example.

From user Yours Truly: GTA has taught me ‘You can out run a police car on a bicycle if you keep tapping X fast enough’. From user Hayden Karnitz: GTA has taught me ‘Hookers can’t swim’. Here’s one more which is pretty hilarious: Tobes said: GTA has taught me: ‘There’s no need to buy a car, just drag someone out of theirs and it’s yours’.

Those are just a few, but you can read through the hundreds at the Twitter page here – a good sense of humor is needed though we must warn you. What memory from the GTA franchise sticks out for you the most? The guys in the Rockstar office must be loving this if they are following the trend too. Let’s hear some of your memories guys and girls.

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  • Monroe2020

    I lost my Grand Theft Auto virginity to Vice City.  So most of my fondest memories arrive from this game.  There are a few that stand out the most for me:
    The very first time I played Vice City.  I got into the car and drove off down the avenue.  With Billy Jean playing on the radio I was very careful to stop at red lights and obey all the traffic signals.  I came upon on red light with a police car stopped in front of me.  I accidently accelerated (when I should have braked.)  I smashed into the squad car.  I was thinking to myself “ok stay cool, they’ll probably write me a ticket or something.”  The cop opened my door dragged me to the ground and yelled “I’ll beat you for this.”  Oh well, lesson learned; next time take off, or beat up the cop (and take his gun.)
    2.  I was flying a helicopter for the first time.  I was high up in the air when I accidently pressed Triangle.  So I exit the chopper and fall right in front of a police car.  Within a second I thought to myself “no harm done, cop didn’t notice and I still have one health bar remaining.”   VRRRRRRRRRM  CRASHHH CLUNK!!!! The helicopter came down right on top the police car.  The lights turned on and my wanted level went to 3 stars and a cop got of his car yelling the familar “I’ll beat you for this!!!”  Learning my lesson from the first memory, I got in the cop car and took off.
    3.  I don’t know why, but every time I passed the biker bar, I had to plug led into the biker bouncer outside.  Overtime I found more gory and amusing ways to off the poor bloke.

  • Guest

    What is fun in GTA IV is the absurdity the irony of all. What I find really funny is the clothes in the multiplayer XD