Samsung Galaxy S3 custom ROMs inevitable after root

By Alan Ng - May 19, 2012

You would think that one of the priorities for Samsung with regards to their latest flagship smartphone would be security and keeping the device under Samsung’s control as much as possible. That appears to have gone out of the window despite the fact that the phone still hasn’t launched, as there are wide reports that the device has already been successfully rooted.

While some may see this as a major security breach, others such as the developer who managed to achieve the feat may be thinking that Samsung could have actually foreseen this outcome. Chainfire, the XDA developer who has rooted the Galaxy S3 has said that the process was ‘relatively easy’ and that Samsung is the only high-end Android OEM who are not completely locking away their devices from users who are eager to explore custom alternatives.

If you think about it, Samsung often come under fire for their TouchWiz interface, but if they appear to have minimum barriers in place for people to root their device – then perhaps it’s not so bad. Now that the root has been achieved, it obviously paves the way for other developers to get started on custom ROMS for the device. Samsung may not be too happy about this aspect, but the fact that their latest device appears to be left open for exploration, Samsung probably deserves a lot of credit for this.

The root method isn’t available at the moment, but you can find out how it was possible over at the XDA forums here. Are you surprised that the device has been rooted, given that it is Samsung’s new prized asset? Will you now look to replace TouchWiz with a custom ROM as soon as possible, or are you intending to keep the phone in its original state?

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  • nice one
    thank you very much for the info

  • Amrit

    It’s a good thing and should always be kept open. It gives people a choice and freedom of what sort of layout and design they want.

  • Mel

    Samsung’s relatively open Galaxy devices are a major selling point.
    It differentiates them from the closed systems of Apple and Nokia/Microsoft in a good way.
    They know that a significant number of SIII buyers will install the Cyanogen mod or similar.
    I’m glad the tradition continues.

  • 123

    Samsung should prioritise locking their devices away? Do you understand how many people got the original Galaxy S simply because of it’s custom mods and developing community. Samsung obviously realised this and for the Galaxy S2 and now the S3 kept it open. It’s intentional, not a lack of security. Samsung understand it’s one of their USPs that puts them ahead of their competitors and losing it would mean losing a great many customers.