Laughable Rolento glitch in SFXT 1.04 update breaks game

Street Fighter X Tekken players on Xbox 360 and PS3 are unlikely to be impressed with Capcom’s latest patch for the game. It’s been confirmed that the recent 1.04 features a glitch with Rolento and his throwing knife which results in the game freezing every single time.

We have a video to show you which gives you an exact idea what is going on. There has obviously been some pretty bad bugs in Street Fighter games before, but you have to say that this is up there with the best of them – nobody likes hard console freezes now do they, especially after experiencing their fair share of issues with Skyrim.

The glitch occurs when Rolento performs his stinger move and it connects with any fireball. The game just freezes instantly and you can’t do anything other than restart the system.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any word from Capcom regarding this. We would have hoped to see a message at the Capcom Unity page stating that they were looking to fix this asap, but nothing at the moment. You can imagine the frustration that this is causing in online matches and we expect that Rolento will be banned from all tournament matches until the problem is fixed up.

As you can imagine, the issue is receiving all sorts of attention on Twitter, bordering on the hilarious as well as plenty of shock that such a glitch hasn’t been spotted by Capcom. If this has happened to you in-game, let us know your thoughts on it. Unacceptable from Capcom, or do you see the funny side of it?



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