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Closed DUST 514 beta code rollout begins, participation limited

The moment has finally arrived for all DUST 514 fans. The highly anticipated closed beta for the game is about to start and as we informed you not too long ago, EVE Online players and those who attended the EVE Fanfest event will have the opportunity to play first.

Fans who attended Fanfest should have already received their beta codes via email according to CCP, however we understand that some of you are having difficulties getting codes to work properly in the redeem section of the PlayStation Store. Just like the recent Ghost Recon beta, it looks like codes are specific to region, so that could be a reason why many of you are getting invalid errors.

For those of you who are looking to get into the closed beta once CCP opens up availability, you’ll be pleased to now that registrations are now open. Head to the sign up page here, input your email address and hang on tight in the hope of receiving a code. We’ll try and get our hands on some codes as well when the beta is open to more users, so stay tuned for that as well.

Being the first mainstream ‘free to play’ MMO on the PS3, you can imagine that there is a great buzz surrounding DUST 514. Players who haven’t experienced EVE Online are probably unaware on the sheer scope of the game, as don’t forget we previously told you that DUST 514 will be featuring thousands of maps for you to get stuck in to.

If you are having problems getting in to the beta, CCP has advised users to send an email to, providing the code you were given, as well as the region that your PSN account is linked to. They also said that many of the codes still need to be tested, so they are working on improving the situation.

We look forward to providing a little hands-on impressions of the beta, once we have a working code ready to go. Hopefully we’ll see some of our readers on the battlefield.



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