How to make Battlefield: Bad Company 3 differ from BF3?

By Alan Ng - May 17, 2012

Although EA and DICE have made it clear that they plan to support Battlefield 3 heavily with post-release DLC, it has been revealed that a Battlefield: Bad Company 3 game may already be in development.

Once again it is the wonders of LinkedIN that appears to have let slip the details, although with Battlefield 3 still seemingly just out the door, it doesn’t look like an official announcement was coming soon anyway.

Given the successes of Bad Company 2, it is logical though to assume that a third game is coming – but how will it actually differ to Battlefield 3? Bad Company 2 is essentially a toned down version of Battlefield 3 for console, but with a heavier story-driven campaign mode.

There’s no denying that Bad Company 2 was a very popular game, but the key for EA and DICE is actually making the game its own entity and not copying elements of Battlefield 3 and slapping the Frostbite 2.0 engine on it – BFBC2 used the Frostbite 1.5 engine just for reference.

Unlike a recent PS4 mention on LinkedIN which has now been updated as a ‘typo’, the information on Battlefield Bad Company 3 still remains according to GamerZines. Mirror’s Edge 2 is apparently on the way as well from DICE which is great news for fans who loved the first game in 2008.

Considering that we have still not had any post-release content for Battlefield 3 though (B2K already announced prior to release, so we’re not counting that), we think that a BFBC3 game will be treated with less enthusiasm for now. There is still a lot of issues that needs to be addressed with BF3, mainly the custom servers, so we would like to see some stability put back into that game first, before even thinking of DICE’s next potential project.

What are your thoughts on the apparent ‘outing’ of Bad Company 3? Are you curious as to how they could distinguish the two games as well, to make Bad Company 3 completely a different experience to BF3?

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  • Kevin.

    I loved both games, and both should distinguish themselves from eachother, as they’re separate series.  I like BF3’s maps more as a whole, but BC2’s launch maps were amazing (the on-disk locked VIP maps mostly sucked; I mean the ones that weren’t new gametypes for certain maps).  It’s just that BC2 only had five or six maps I enjoyed, whereas I enjoy almost every one of  BF3’s (although not to such an extent).  They should keep the main series for the closer quarters fighting a la BF3 (at least for consoles), and use BC2 for the exotic and expansive locales.

  • Supa Dupa Dude

    I hope they get rid of prone and stick to the usual winning formula. I gave up on battlefield 3 after three days because I was fed up of the opposing team just lying on their bellies sniping. It might make it more realistic but it just sucked the fun out of the game for me. The maps aren’t a patch on BFBC2 either, nowhere near the amount of variety which is why I and many others stayed on the earlier game. Emperors new clothes? Me thinks so. 

  • Kinbert1234

    BFBC is funny in storyline but bf3 is fun in multiplayer just type funny battlefield 3 vids on YouTube but if you think about it they are both the same but BF3 is better by miles cos it is the most recent

  • darkz

    bad company 2 is a toned down version of battlefield 3 wtf bad company had bigger map, more vehicles such as squad bike more jeeps on each map to have make travel more faster unlike battlefield 3 and squad managemnet was so much better you actually stay together when forming a squad before the game and more destructibility essentially the whole map was destroyable you could even make a pit hole with c4

    • Kevin.

      The Michael Bayesque explosions and D2.0 were created only to lure in console gamers.  BF3, while more catering toward the console market, is an actual BF game.  BF:BC is a separate spinoff series, so comparing them isn’t really fair, since each will always have characteristics that the other cannot.

  • Matt

    Bf3 is dead serious, bc series has some humor, that and map design is different both are my favorite

  • Matt

    I’m geussing this thing is going to hit fall/winter 2013

  • Matt

    I like how the maps feel different, don’t get me wrong bf3 maps are great and just as good as thouse on the bf3 game but something special just makes me love the bc2 maps. That and the bc series is funnier than the dead serous tone of bf3. Best line ever in bc2 “Snowmobiles are for pussies.”

  • I want BC3 to feel similar to BC2. BC2 and BF3 feel a lot different and that’s what distinguish them both. There’s something about the Maps in BC2 that made me love probably 98% of them.

  • Chrisc

    I’m not sure you can really count B2K as it was content that was ready on release day but was held out to make it seem as if we were actually getting some added content. But his most important point…BF3 is still broken due to custom servers. I’d love BC3 to drop, the destruction was WAY better in BC2 and it seemed like there was more cooperative play happening. 

    • Rafael

      BC2 had more destruction because it had less buildings.

      • Chrispee-007

        The destruction on bfbc2 was good but not amazing. for its time its GREAT but seriously you cant compare bf3 with bfbc2. i have both and i sometimes go on bfbc2 but bf3 is still my number one. better graphics, more teamplay and defo more and better destruction. I hope bfbc3 does come out but not till next year. or they year after. 2014 would meen defo on new platforms such as new xbox or ps4 which would increase the gameplay on it 🙂

  • matonking

    No post release content for BF3??? Back to karkand ring any bells?

    • Bobobb

      plus Close Quarters, Armoured Kill, Endgame DLC!!

      • matonking

         “Considering that we have still not had any post-release content for Battlefield 3 though”

        This suggests nothing release so far. For which B2K was the pain stakingly obvious answer.

        Those expansions haven’t been released yet, so his point would be valid… if B2K didn’t exist.