Resources may hinder Diablo III console release

By Alan Ng - May 16, 2012

Now that Diablo III has finally been released on PC, many of you console owners are wondering if Blizzard are still planning to bring out a version on Xbox 360 or PS3. Blizzard’s game director Jay Wilson has recently said that despite the reports suggesting that a console version is in the works, it may not even be possible due to limited resources.

If you have gotten past the various error codes that are threatening the game’s launch right now, there’s a good chance that you are fully immersed in the new game and loving every minute of it. On the status of whether console players will be able to enjoy Diablo 3 in the future though, an element of new doubt has been cast, with Blizzard playing down continued speculation that a console version is coming.

Aside from limited resources, Wilson has also told GamaSutra that they are not even ‘experimenting’ on the game yet, hinting that they are in the process of hiring the correct team to actually start experimenting on the game. This seemingly shoots down the possibility of the game being unveiled on console at E3 next month and it’s obviously a big blow for those on Xbox 360 or PS3 who had hoped to be playing the game as soon as possible.

A lot of people are saying how it wouldn’t be possible anyway due to the difficulties in bringing the control scheme over to console. Having said that, it surely isn’t impossible for a development team at Blizzard to find ways around this, so perhaps they are just trying to downplay the rumors as much as they can. We still think Diablo 3 is coming to console – we’ll just have to wait a good while to see it.

Are you still hoping that the game comes to console, or do you think Diablo belongs and should remain a PC-franchise only?

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  • Twistedtb

    It absolutely belongs on consoles, there are many pale imitators of the hack and slash rpg style gameplay, about time we have the original!

  • Dynasty2201

    Keep it PC only.

    It wouldnt work on consoles, unless they did a radical change in the skills, reduced the mobs on screen, and then you just have a different game.

    Diablo requires quick timing of the right skills, and multiple skills being used quickly  You cant do that on consoles.

    Look at Dragon Age to see how it simply doesnt work well.

  • Torchlight implemented Diablo-style gameplay on consoles extremely well, and there’s nothing particularly special about Diablo 3’s assets that would prevent them from being scaled appropriately for consoles.