Final Fantasy VII remake priority, next-gen console release

By Alan Ng - May 16, 2012

Here we are again on the infamous Final Fantasy VII remake. Despite Square-Enix previously and publicly showing their interest in making the heavily requested remake, the company has now come out and said that a remake of the PS1 classic is no longer a top priority.

To refresh your memory, Square-Enix president Yoichi Wada said in 2010 that they were actively ‘exploring’ the possibility of developing a remake and also exploring the possibility of what platforms to bring the game to.

Since then, we have continued to hear small whispers on the game becoming a reality, but still no official details from the mouths of Square-Enix. Now though, one of the original designers for the game who is now a director, Tetsuya Nomura, has revealed that the company are putting new games first as a priority for the future, rather than thinking of a remake anytime soon.

Interestingly, in a translated interview with Famitsu, he revealed that another priority for the company is to develop new games which can match or even surpass Final Fantasy VII. Obviously, they are a long way off from doing that and Final Fantasy XIII or its sequel certainly hasn’t come close.

It also looks like a Final Fantasy remake will miss a release on current generation consoles and if they take as long as they have done with Final Fantasy Versus XIII than a remake, if there is to be one, will surely end up on the next-generation Sony PS4 and maybe even the next Xbox if Microsoft manage to strike a deal.

There seemed to be a great demand for the game last year, but that has well and truly fizzled out now as the company have enough trouble answering impatient fans on the status of Versus XIII. It’s still the dream that many fans want to believe will happen eventually though, so give us your thoughts on the fact that the FF7 remake is no longer a ‘priority’ for Square-Enix.

Do you agree that we’re more likely to see the game on next-generation consoles now?


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  • Everest peake

    Tetsuya Nomura says trust in us where we square enix are taking the series ….. well what he fails to see is fans like myself are now moving away from FF and starting to look for other companys to give us great games like mass effect. i think over the years they have lost there way in story telling . in away i do and dont want a remake , i do coz i love the game . i dont coz these same people that says trust us but give us the ff fans nothing but a fancy looking game, i dont want them to stuff it up ! that shows how much trust i have in this company i also think turn based is becoming out dated . i honestly think they need to pull there heads in take the time to revamp the game and give us what we want or suffer another heavy loss of fans walking away after you bring out another crap game ! i have no trust in these people no faith that they can deliver another great FF like 7 .

  • Toolforlife113

    There going to loose so much money by not remakingff7 this is one of their dumbest ideas to try to make a new one that would surpass 7 when it would just be easier to remake it i hope the creators soon see there missing a huge opertunity by not remaking it. So many fans want the amazing game to be remade including me

  • Alohany315

    Really.  How long do we have to debate this.  I am an avid Final Fantasy player and the only thing i WANT to see at this point is a FF7 remake.  If there is such a HIGH demand for it then just do it.  Doesnt seem like a great business startagey to me putting it on the back burner when so many people are asking for it.  Would be better than what they have put out recently.  I eeked my way through 13 and for 13-2, i have stopped playing it and cant seem to get the motivation to start up again.  Do the remake, make fans happy.

    • Toolforlife113

      I agree all i wannaa see is square enix remake 7 its stupid that all these faans are saying how much they want it and they rather make new games

  • Sam

    It’s not like anyone expected  Square enix to get something good anytime soon.