Bioware treats fans with Star Wars: The Old Republic free weekend

We have some great news for Star Wars fans now. If for some reason you haven’t tried out The Old Republic yet, but have always wanted to do so, now’s your chance. Bioware has announced that the game will be going free to play, for this weekend only.

You can’t beat a free weekend and it’s great to see that more and more developers are now starting to make this a common trend. Modern Warfare 3 recently had a free weekend on PC and now it is Star Wars: The Old Republic’s turn.

It is even slightly longer than a weekend as the actual free trial will start on Thursday May 17 at 12.01am CDT and end on Monday May 20 at 2am CDT. That is over four days of Star Wars MMO heaven, but we hear that Bioware will be restricting certain aspects of the game for those that take advantage of this offer.

On studying the official notes compiled by Bioware, trial characters will not be able to level up past level 15 and you won’t be able to learn Legacy XP either. Certain chat methods will also be blocked, but you will still be able to receive in-game mail from other players like paid subscribers do.

If you have nothing to do this weekend and fancy giving this a go, you’ll want to head to the sign-up page here. The join up button is deactivated at the moment so it’s better to bookmark the page and try again tomorrow when the trial is live. Also read through the FAQ here if you are wondering what happens to your character after the trial and so on.

For those of you that have been paying since release – would you recommend the game for others to try out? More importantly, how does Star Wars: The Old Republic compare to World of Warcraft? Better or not in your opinion?



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