Excitement brews over mystery new PS Vita game at E3 2012

PS Vita owners are expecting big things from Sony’s PS Vita announcement, but one potential piece of information may have slipped out courtesy of Michael Pachter. According to the industry analyst, Sony apparently has an exciting unannounced game to show off at E3 2012 next month.

Pachter has apparently had the honor of visiting both Sony and Microsoft to see what they are conjuring up for this year’s E3 announcements. Despite the fact a non-disclosure agreement was probably signed, he couldn’t help but reveal during the latest episode of Bonus Round on Game Trailers, that a new unannounced PS Vita title is in the works.

The game in question even managed to get him rather excited and he referenced the game as being a ‘big’ title for the system. Could he be talking about a game that has been announced, but not shown we wonder? Call of Duty is the one title that PS Vita owners are dying to hear more about but that has obviously already been announced briefly last year.

Soul Sacrifice is another game that can be ruled out now that it has been made official, so we’re getting excited just thinking of the possibilities of a new ‘big’ PS Vita game. We would love to see a massive RPG announced for the Vita, something along the lines of Final Fantasy or a Monster Hunter game. If we were really thinking outside of the box, what about a PS Vita port of the PS All-Stars Battle Royale that has just been announced for the PS3? That would be incredible.

Sony will obviously be delivering plenty of new Vita information on June 4th, but if they have a new unannounced title to show off – what genre of game would you like to see?



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