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Apple’s 2012 MacBook Pro may have ultimate specs

The MacBook Pro details are coming in thick and fast now. After informing you about a possible 8GB RAM upgrade for Apple’s forthcoming MacBook Pro refresh, we now have some exciting details regarding further spec upgrades.

It seems almost inevitable now that Apple will take to the stage at WWDC 2012 and unveil their latest refresh to the popular MacBook Pro range. With just weeks to go until the event, it’s also a little bit strange that we haven’t heard too many rumors regarding the next iPhone.

Whether that means we’ll see the iPhone 4S successor in October instead remains to be seen, but for now all the new Apple hardware rumors are primary focused on the next MacBook Pro. We know that the next models will be equipped with Intel Ivy Bridge processors and now possibly with 8GB of RAM.

Additionally, we have heard that Apple may have decided to swap out the optical drives for SSD flash drives in order to decrease boot up time. This is one of the best things about the compact MacBook Air and if they decide to do the same thing for their Pro line, this could be Apple’s plan to make the Pro more appealing since the Air is the preferable MacBook choice at the moment.

If that wasn’t good enough, there are also new rumors over at ABCNews, which hint of a major surprise return to NVIDIA graphics. AMD are the current supplier on 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pros models, but in terms of gaming potential a lot of you would be delighted with a switch back to NVIDIA.

It almost sounds like the perfect upgrade with a Retina Display, Ivy Bridge processor, 8GB of RAM, NVIDIA graphics and an SSD drive. On the downside it could mean that Apple decides to bump up the price to accommodate the beastly new specs – hopefully that won’t happen though.

If you currently own the latest MacBook Pro or Air, would these potential specs force you to upgrade once again? The SSD drive would be the turning point for us – what about you?



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