Used games debate for Sony PS4 gets personal

By Alan Ng - May 14, 2012

There has been plenty of debate whether next-generation gaming consoles will have the ability to play used-games or not. Gamers obviously want this feature included in any future console, but it appears that PlayStation fans may have had some specific support from an unlikely source, in reference to the upcoming PS4.

So far it is Microsoft’s next Xbox that has really got everyone talking, as there are continued rumors that the next console won’t be able to play used games. The PS4 rumors on this subject has been muted in comparison, however infamous industry analyst Michael Pachter has revealed that SCEA president Jack Tretton is ‘totally opposed’ to blocking the use of used games.

Pachter states on the latest episode of GT Bonus Round that he specifically asked Tretton for his opinions on playing used-games on next-generation consoles. Aside from being opposed to blocking used games, he also thinks that it’s a great idea that consumers can buy used games and that it would be ‘anti-consumer’ of Sony if they were to take that away in the future.

However, he also mentioned that it would essentially be out of his hands if Sony execs in Japan decided that they wanted to follow through with such an idea. It if does happen though, you can bet that Sony would come in for some considerable heat, likewise for Microsoft too if they introduce a similar idea for their next Xbox.

The online pass system that is currently being used seems to be working to an extent, so we see no reason why this shouldn’t remain for next-generation consoles. If you take away the ability to even play used single-player games, then it will be a sad day indeed for consumers whilst at the same time being a victory for corporate greed. There are ways to combat piracy but blocking used games isn’t the way forward. Give us your thoughts on this as digital distribution threatens to take over the world.

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  • I can see the allure of this (for the companies). I think it would work if the games were sold for a more reasonable price, unlike the download prices of Vita games/psp games that can be bought for half in physical form, etc. Jem (above) mentions a loss of jobs. Game designers and production companies have been losing oodles of money and have been cutting jobs left and right (with a few going bankrupt). This method could theoretically help to stabilize the jobs in the gaming industry (assuming that quality titles are released and people buy the games). My theory is that the systems will sell regardless of the method of game sales. I also believe that sony’s playstation suite initiative is moving in the right direction to bolster sony’s services to work similarly to the way phone games are now, cheap and easy quick games that are backed up by more expensive triple A, or quality, titles. 

  • I think they will just be shooting themselves in the foot if Sony and Microsoft do this. I for one will not support it by buying the console, and I know a hell of a lot of other people wouldnt either. They are just being incredibly greedy and selfish if they do ! Its not like they dont make enough money, whats wrong with people letting friends borrow games, and you ill close down thousands of shops and chuck hundreds of jobs away from exchange shops in this economic crisis. Pathetic.