Tomb Raider delay bad, impressive new screenshot great

By Alan Ng - May 14, 2012

For all of you Twitter hipsters out there who are wondering why Tomb Raider is currently trending on Twitter, allow us to elaborate. It’s not good news unfortunately, as the reboot game being developed by Crystal Dynamics has now been delayed into 2013.

We haven’t heard too many details on the game since its unveiling at E3 2011 and now we know why. The game simply isn’t ready and just like we have recently seen for Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider will now skip its intended Fall 2012 release for the first quarter of 2013 instead.

As you probably expected to hear, it’s once again the usual reasons behind the delay as well. Crystal Dynamics are aiming to deliver the ‘highest quality game’ and develop something which is going to be the best they have ever created and something they can be proud of.

While the release date delay is obviously a major downer for those hoping to play it later on this year, there is one bit of positive news to bring you. Square-Enix has released a brand new screenshot of the game and it looks fantastic. There’s a lot of divided opinion on whether this reboot is a good idea or not, but seeing this image in particular should be an indication on how high the bar has been set by Crystal Dynamics.

Gone are the memorable PS1 days of Lara Croft and now we look forward to seeing a new style of gameplay – similar in a way in how the Devil May Cry reboot by Ninja Theory has progressed as well. Take a look at the new image above and give us your thoughts on the delay.

Is it a big blow to you, or are you happy to pick up the game in 2013 instead? Don’t forget that there will be so many other games to keep you busy during the Fall period, you’ll just have to make do without the new look Lara until next year.

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  • Lord Vader

    They Delay the game cos they also want it on PS4  🙂

  • Sam

    Hey, if we can finally get a AAA title without all the bugs and problems all of big games have nowadays, I’ll be happy. This new doctrine of: push it out faster fix it later is starting to piss me off.