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Logos Quiz app needs live updates with multiplayer

If you like to play the latest mobile apps that are currently ‘trending’ with other users around the world, it is a good chance that you already have the likes of Draw Something and the Logos Quiz installed on your device.

While Draw Something is great addictive fun thanks to its never-ending possibilities, as well as support for playing with friends, the same cannot be said for the Logos Quiz unfortunately which provides a decent amount of fun, but threatens to fizzle out quickly once you have completed the levels.

If you haven’t tried Logos Quiz yet, you really should since it is great fun and it’s also a free download. Basically you have to guess the logos in the shortest time possible, with 8 levels of logos and progressing degrees of difficulty depending on which level you have managed to get to.

The disappointing aspect of the Logos Quiz app though, is that all the logos are predetermined and there isn’t any sort of live updates in place to make sure you receive fresh logos everytime you play the game. This naturally has led to users just searching for the answers online, essentially giving the app a short life-span.

That doesn’t mean to say that it’s the end of the line though, as some support by way of frequent updates could remedy the situation and put the app on par with the likes of Draw Something. We would like to see support for two players added as a priority, and there could be a new interface put in place where the two players would have to guess randomly generated apps in a short space of time. Hopefully the developers are thinking of adding to the game, as it would be a shame for the app to just die out once everyone has cracked those eight levels.

The principle of the game itself though is great – who doesn’t like wasting a few minutes of transport time with some classic logo guessing? If you have been playing the game regularly, or if you have already completed all logos, let us know your suggestions on how the Logos Quiz could be kept alive.



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