Don’t rule out a GTA V no-show at E3 2012

By Alan Ng - May 14, 2012

Rockstar Games certainly knows how to keep an audience waiting. The whole gaming community is anxiously waiting for new details on arguably the most anticipated game of both 2012 and 2013, but could we see an outcome where no GTA V information is revealed at this year’s E3 2012?

We don’t want to raise the alarm bells just yet, but we’ve heard that Rockstar Games is nowhere to be seen on the E3 exhibitors list for this year’s event in Los Angeles. Considering after staying silent since their November trailer reveal last year, you would think that it would be at least common courtesy to give the masses another portion of GTA V info, to put a smile on faces after waiting eight months.

Scrolling down the list though, Rockstar Games are not there – but should this matter? It’s worth mentioning that Take-Two is there, so that may in fact be an indication that Rockstar could be there in some capacity. Also don’t forget that Valve wasn’t on the list when Gabe Newell decided to crash the party and announce Portal 2 on PS3, so it could still happen.

An eight month wait also reminds us of the length of time we’ve had to wait for new information regarding the Dawnguard DLC expansion for Skyrim. Thankfully Bethesda is included on the list though, so we’re guessing that we’re in for a treat with Skyrim DLC combined with an Elder Scrolls Online reveal.

Back to GTA V though, would you be shocked if Rockstar had nothing to show for the game next month? Eight months without a sniff of new information is a very long patience threshold you have to say. If they are not showing anything at E3, if remember – does that mean Rockstar will plan a separate event? Check out the E3 exhibitors list here and give us your thoughts on this.

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  • Lord Vader

    They Delay the game cos they also want it on PS4  🙂

  • N/A

    Rockstar did say back in febuary that they would release new infomation about the game 3 months later and still nothing witch leads me to believe that something will be shown before E3 or maybe even at E3 i also dont believe the release date that amazon has posted onto its website cos simply because december has not been confirmed by rockstar themselves . Im sure many people want the game to be released this year but there are many others who dont want a rushed game with bugs and glitches yes its been 4 years since the last gta but id rather wait untill 2013 and have solid game. As for the release itself  i do think rockstar will release the game in spring 2013 and the very latest.

  • UnknownUser28

    it wont be at e3. E3 is not rockstar’s ”style” 

  • anon

    I heard new information will be released before e3

  • Scott_guesty

    honestly a rockstar no show at e3 would be far from a shock. they rarely visit the trade show based on the poor reception of GTA 3 all those years ago. look how wrong everyone was back then.