Battlefield 3 Premium subscription may be end game for fans

By Alan Ng - May 14, 2012

Have you been enjoying the Battlefield double XP weekend that is currently underway on console? If that wasn’t a good enough surprise for you, we have heard some amazing rumors regarding a release date for the upcoming Close Quarters DLC expansion pack, as well as the possibility of EA introducing a Battlefield subscription service as well.

Correct us if we’re wrong, but the Double XP weekend made famous on Call of Duty has never been seen on Battlefield, prior to this past weekend. It is still live on console at the moment and although it was also intended for PC players, DICE has now rescheduled this for May 26-27 instead.

Now though, prepare yourselves for a massive rumor regarding new plans to monetize the game further. EA apparently has something called ‘Battlefield Premium’ in the pipeline according to Battlefieldo and it’s said to be a direct answer to the ‘successful’ Elite subscription platform that Activision has rolled out for Call of Duty.

Battlefield 3 players could be getting content drops and these drops will include items that normal members won’t be able to use. The first has already been given some initial details in the form of a black dog tag, as well as a ‘premium’ knife which we’re guessing may make it easier to perform knife attacks. There’s also mention of brand new exclusive assignments, as well as weapon camos and soldier camos.

EA had previously teased that they were a fan of Activision’s Elite platform, so perhaps Battlefield 3 players had this coming. There’s no word on how much this will cost per month, but we’re guessing it will fall in line with Activision’s $50 a year pricing, or maybe even cheaper if they want to offer an immediate incentive over Elite.

A date of June 12th has also been revealed for the Close Quarters expansion pack, as well as the apparent confirmation of a fifth expansion pack to be released in 2013 after End Game, which is thought to be coming before the end of the year.

Obviously there’s no confirmation that all this information is legit, but it is worth pointing out that the details also mentioned about the double XP weekend, prior to EA making that official, so it’s promising. What is your initial reaction to EA offering a premium platform for Battlefield 3?

After their attempts to recoup as much money as well via custom server renting – is it unsurprising that they are now taking things to the extreme with monthly payments? That premium knife is interesting as well, especially if it gives premium users an advantage over non-paying players – surely that is a very risky road to be heading down? You can imagine the uproar if this special knife kills non-premium users more quickly.

Are you willing to hear EA out on their plans to offer a subscription for Battlefield 3? Or is it yet another sign that EA are purely thinking of their wallets, when they should be bringing out regular patch updates to balance the original game that everyone paid for – ie, one with official servers as opposed to custom ones?

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  • I really dont see how people can say that battlefield would lose player with the release of a premium service. I like battlefield and COD. I have elite premium. and i will buy battlefields premium if its real. Im going to buy all the DLCs so why not just pay a bulk price and save money from buying them all seperately. and you get extra weapons and skins too. I dont see what all the fuss is. If you dont want the premium service, dont buy it! I dont see how that will stop people from playing the game. its not a neccessary purchase to continue playing. I didnt buy elite for the use of the website and all that other crap, i could care less. i just bought it for the discounted bulk price on DLCs. so tell me, what about these services are worth crying about like you all are?

  • $50/year? BF3 for most isn’t played enough to warrant that price. Just think, are you still playing BFBC2 at all today?

  • Strat8

    how can they charge more money for a game that doesn’t even work properly after two massive patches?

  • Scorpion_CR1

    The fact that Battlefield 3 has hardly any regular servers makes their leaderboards a joke.  If I rent a server and kick people who may be better than me and keep the ones on that are easy kills, I could essentially in two months or so, see myself in the top 100 players globally.  I lost respect for BF3 and I loved the game.  LOVED.  Now I might trade it in.  I’ve been playing Starhawk for my multiplayer fix, free DLC, and an evolving community for multiplayer.  And I know I can earn the leaderboard spot by earning it and not buying it for renting a server.  EA and Dice we want our servers back please!

  • Logan

    Way to kill DICE’s newfound steam and continued user base growth of people who are looking for something more than COD. Good job *slow sarcastic applause*

  • Rid1er

    The knife will just be a new skin so it looks better. I doubt it will give any advantage.


    They gonna lose many players. Not the right moment and position to become greedy.

  • Austin Powers

    Close Quarters, no thanks.  Premium Service? Nope, not me.

  • I would say Activision could call Elite a “success” after Black Ops II comes out and they see how many “return” customers there are. I’ll venture to say they will lose a lot of their original customers as most were just curious to see what was offered, and as of right now I don’t know anyone that is looking to re-up.

  • Jono

    If this happens Battlefield will die.