iOS 5.1.1 update brings adverse reaction

By Daniel Chubb - May 12, 2012

Plenty of Apple device users installed the iOS 5.1.1 update on their iPhone, iPad and other devices without a single problem, which even included a few iPhone 4S models in our office that installed really easy. We came across one problem with the CallerID option disappearing from iMessage but later found out this had been a separate issue, which is not related to the iOS 5.1.1 update.

Some iOS owners are happy while thousands are not – we’ve heard plenty of people state before that problems are expected when millions of people own iDevices, but after looking at the official Apple discussion forums today it shows a very large number of people complaining about their iPad and iPhone software updates. This shows a real problem with the latest update that’s certainly causing hell for selected users, so we’d love to hear your issues in the comments, which some PR readers might be able to help you with.

Initial reaction to the iOS 5.1.1 update – Earlier this week we reported on the new iOS software that patched a number of bugs, although we quickly pointed out this update gave little in the way of new features. Most of the problems we’ve seen reported claim application crashes and freezing, which included apps like Twitter, Kayak, and more. It’s worth noting the majority of cases we saw installed the iOS 5.1.1 update over the air, although we cannot confirm if this is related in these situations.

Other issues are numerous but related to the latest iOS update – reports of sliding to spotlight search and the keyboard not disappearing when sliding back, Wi-Fi setting bugs, and a large number of people are reporting battery life decreasing faster after iOS 5.1.1 installed on iPhone 4/4S. The battery drainage saw some people experience a drop of around 10% an hour, and we hope this is not a step back to previous problems, which we’ve had ourselves in the past although we will be performing our own iOS 5.1.1 battery life tests through this weekend.

How did your iOS 5.1.1 update go, and if you have problems then leave a comment below and remember to state what iOS device you’re running? Is your battery dropping faster since iOS 5.1.1?

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  • Su

    My ipad 2 keeps dropping off my home network. It can’t sustain connection for more than a few minutes. My hubby’s ipad 2 has no problems at all – same OS same network!

  • trying to download app but it freezes and won’t install. Says waiting but nothing happns. Cannot delete app because it does not show x to delete. This is a new ipad and just installed update.

  • Renee

    It has really messed my phone up, so sorry I upgraded

  • oehll yeah

    My 4S Iphone randomly dials facebook numbers… also when I make a call it automatically comes up in speaker mode and I labor to change back to phone mode…@ screen activation(on/off button) it will close it’s self automatically.

  • Mary G

    I can only hear an incoming call when I put on speaker- otherwise I cannot hear a call- the volume is all the way on. How can I fix this.

  • JS

    Battery life on my 4 is horrible as well!

  • JM

    I don’t know if it is due to the update, but I updated my phone (just bought 4S 3 weeks ago) and my iPad. I updated 2 days ago and as of last night my iPad is making a strange notification type noise even with all notifications turned off on my phone and iPad. The Do Not Disturb function was turned on for my phone and iPad (just incase of syncing issues causing the sound) and my iPad was completely turned off. The sound still went off at least 6 times last night. It is VERY loud so it kept me awake. Not cool.

  • Cjxtwoutoledo

    My iPad is having some volume issue..I can’t get any sound out of my speakers!

  • AjG

    Just wondering whether or not you reckon I should update to ios 5.1.1 on my brand new iPhone 3GS? Will it stuff up the whole phone or will it go alright?

  • PJ

    My iPad started losing up to 50% of its battery in sleep mode over an 8hr period. All apps are shut down and it just drains the battery for no reason. Any ideas?

  • Sandi Schaefer

    After updating to ios5.1.1 my phone is AWFUL! Freezing screens, crashing apps., lag time between typing and when it appears on screen! I loved my iPhone, however, now I just want to throw it off a bridge!

  • Faith

    I just for the iphone 4 today and I am having major problems with it. I am dropping calls, and my battery life is not as great as I have heard the iPhones have. I am dropping 10% about 30min-1hr at a time. I cannot stay connected to a call. I am hoping that this can get fixed. I went from a Sprint Evo (which I LOVED) to the iPhone. I am praying I am not going to regret it. :/

  • Pc4sun

    Since I dowloaded ios5 to my iPad2, I cannot play a music video off off of YouTube without it stopping every two to four seconds.

  • Armour1

    I have an iphone 3G s and only the keypad shows and no other icons. I cant use my phone at all. Did jailbreak, redsnow etc and nothing works. Store says it is UK locked and now I can not use it.

    How can I reset or what must I do to get the phone working?

    I live in SA.

  • ra

    I have major problems with my 4S. Phone stopped catching range, its on search forever. I tried to restore it showing -1 error. And the battery life is even worse. i am just trying to get the phone replaced since its on the warranty period. Any idea whats the issue?

  • Rhighsr

    I loved my IPad; now I hate the damn thing. I can’t get through reading but several paragraphs of an article before it crashes. And the keyboard will freeze when attempting to write a message. I’ve tried everything posted on the web, but nothing clears up the problems. Damn Apple, their egocentric and arrogant programmers and customer service. No one seems to be addressing the problem, nor do I feel they care; off to their next project!! Screw it up, too.

  • Kk

    We upgraded to 5.1.1 a few days ago on an original ipad and an ipad2. Both ipads are having the same problem in spotlight search. You can type a letter or two then the keypad letters turn grey and freeze. It may take 10 to 20 seconds before the kepad unlocks. Never had this problem on either ipad before the upgrade.

    • Ed-brazil

       I just bought an open box iphone from cowboom and when activating it OTA Apple installed 5.1.1 with BB 04.12.01. Four times in a couple weeks the screen has gone black and will not respond to anything. It will only return to normal function with a hard reset (Home button/power button reset) It seems to happen when using the camera app. In addition, if my wifi router stops working for a few seconds, my iphone will disconnect and not reconnect unless I reenter the password. (Even though it is set to connect to known networks)


    My iPod apps are foreclosing on me when I didn’t do a thing. The pictur just pops up on the screen halfway and then I have to delete them and then download them all over again.can I get some help with this bug? And if I get a new one will it work again? When is the next update? Contact me by my email!

  • Fairysbee

    The 3G function & setting disappear after I upgraded my ipad2 to iOS 5.1.1. Tried to restore to original setting & reboot the device but it didn’t work out.

  • chris

    theirs a problem with audio recording also that’s way my siri cannot work properly when i’m install ios 5.1.1 and also when i’m playing music cannot automatic landscape to see the album pictures… and also when someone calling me i cannot heard his voice.. i need a help that someone same issues problem in my device thanks  

  • Boycott Apple

    Upgraded Ipad1 to IOS5.1.1 a week ago and three days after that wireless stopped working completely.  Can’t see any networks.  No other idevices in our house have this problem.  Have restored network settings, restored all settings, rebooted ipad and set it back to a new device, have reset router, renamed router, played with its security setting and nothing.  Rang Apple and they say it must be a hardware issue … that if  it was the upgrade then the uproar would be enormous and Apple would have to fix it.  So with no way to prove it is a software issue because i can’t go back to 5.1 I am stuck with a device that cannot connect to the internet …. and need to fork out $279 to get it working again ….all because I upgraded.  I am going to boycott Apple from now on …. take my $279 and spend it on an alternative tablet to the Ipad.


  • Tamhere

    I am so frustrated and disappointed. I have reset to factory settings, have done hard reset and reset In the general settings and it has been over 24 hours and all my apps still say waiting. If apple doesn’t come up with a solution I will be letting everyone who wants an IPad know my issues and I will convince them not to purchase any apple products.

  • Godschil

    Music cuts in and out like its buffering.Every 45-90 seconds,even music recorded to phone does it.What kinda mess did apple put out this time,battery life is 25% less.Should’a stuck with 5.0.1

  • Axceleon

    My iPhone 4 (iOS 5.1.1 Jailbroken) shut down automatically even if I has 12% battery life. What is the problem with my device?

  • Darrinsgt

    IOS 4.x.x my phone was perfect, but since entering the 5 series of the IOS I feel it has started to go down hill. 5.1.1 drains my battery much faster than before. 10% an hour,stated in the review; yes I lose that much, and it is closer to 13% an hour.

  • GattoMax

    My Iphone 4 32gb was working fine. After I’ve updated to 5.1.1. basically I can’t use it. Lockscreen freezes, cannot answer the calls, cannot write text message etc. I’ve tried hard restore,  and then I restored it many times. I tried to set up as new Iphone… didn’t work. Sometimes I have to wait 30 minutes or more to unlock the screen. If I manage to get through the lock screen, then it freezes when I try to do anything… I turned it completely off. After an hour when I turned it on again, it started to work, but 20 minutes later I couldn’t use it. Any idea?

  • Chiefslapaho

    What if you guys reboot the phone?

    Press and hold the lock button AND the home button untill it turns off then back on.

    When it asks to “slide to turn off”, don’t. Just keep pressing the lock and home buttom simultaneously until the device turns off, then let go. I’ll reboot and turn on again on its own.

  • Mugidado

    Just after a successful upgrade to ios 5.1.1 on my iPad 2, I noticed that it does not charge through the AC adapter but charges through the pc USB port despite showing not charging near the battery icon. I also tested that the cable and the AC connector are both working properly. I need some help to fix up the issue because charging through the pc takes a lot of time.

  • xyiot

    After 5.1.1 update my iphone 4s was like drinking the battery out of it. But good thing happened the 3g was a lot better now. The big issue is I put my phone to sleep mode, then after it wont turn on. It was unresponsive, tried pressing the home and power button nothing happens. Fortunately it turned back on after series of pressing and holding the home key. My phone is 4 months old and this is the first time it happened to my phone after 5.1.1 update. I was going nuts over what happened. I downloaded a new app(cinemagram) I dont think it was the cause of the phone’s unresponsiveness cause i was not using it when it happened. The verdict i deleted it! iPhone is an awesome phone but apple warong wit you?

  • Sharlock32

    Since upgrading my ipad is always asking for my apple id password. It drivesme crazy!

    • Lennicus

       Same here but on my 4S!  It has made me insane!  I need a fix ASAP!!!  My phone’s battery life is now unacceptable and my phone freezes with various apps or no app at all.  It froze when I tried to pull down the Notification Center so I had to restart the phone.  Wi-Fi is bad now too. 

      This makes me question the iPhone a lot.  Apple really dropped the ball on this one.  I wish they had a disclaimer that said, “If you download this update, there’s a good chance it will totally F**k up your phone altogether and make you want to never use an iPhone again.”.

      Apple needs to release a fix now!

  • Mskfj

    I’m so aggravated. I wrote about my iPad 1 upgrade to 5.1.1. I soooooo regret accepting upgrade. I’m constantly losing wireless connection to iPad 1 and my kindle and my home desktop. I wired via time Warner road road modem then to router (I even got a new router). So I unplug both and I may or may not get a connection but then it’s drops. What’s weird is it doesn’t connect then 10 seconds later it does but very slow. Can anyone advise? What I would do if only I could downgrade. I will never upgrade again until proven. What irritates me even more is that Apple doesn’t have a site that you can leave complaints/comments.

  • Mskfj

    Since downloading 5.1.1 on my iPad 1st version, I get knocked out of my wireless connection. It knocks out my home computer which is connected to modem road runner via Ethernet and to router. Also knocks me out of my wireless connectin on my kindle. So I unplugged modem and router and it connects me a while then knocks me out again. This started happening couple hrs after I upgraded. I went and got a new router but didn’t help.
    Also battery life is worse.

    • Guest

      This is exactly what happened to me with my original ipad. Most displeased. Haven’t noticed the problem on my iphone 4, though…

  • Dutch0524

    Have an iPhone 3GS and use a blue tooth headset on my motorcycle helmet…was working great before update…now the music is constantly cut off unless I hold the iphone against the headset reciever…any way to uninstall the damn software?

    • Pat

      You can download iOS 4.1 from apple or a third party site, but nothing else unless you have the SHSH blobs saved. iOS 4.1 is still signed by apple, but nothing else is but 5.1.1. After you download the software, I believe you need to Shift-Alt and click restore. I saved my iOS to documents and when a window pops up, just browse for your iOS. Let is restore. Beware though: many apps now (etc. Google) arent compatible with ios 4.1

  • Glenda harry

    battery life stinks now, before could go 24 hrs now i’m lucky if i get 8hrs. i have 4s

  • Stevesun11001

    I own 5 iOS devices: the new iPad, iPhone 4S, two iPhone 3GS and an iPod touch 3rd gen, After upgrading to iOS5.1.1 thru iTune on my MacBook Pro, only one iPhone 3GS does not suffer the excess battery drain! All other devices consume more battery power from 10% to 30%! Especially my iPhone 4S: it drains 30% of battery in two hours even after resetting, recharging the battery…

  • 4S

    I never had battery issue since I upgrade to 5.1.1, rather my battery life increased, it seems.
    But the real issue I have is my SLIDER doesn’t work at times, while receiving an incoming call. I have to try many things before making it slide.This issue poped up many times in my different iPhones also.
    Can anybody help me

  • Ksleppard71

    Since the upgrade I have not been able to print from my iPad. I continually get the message “No air printer found.” Our other iPads not upgraded are still printing just fine.

  • Chrisgibs99

    I messaging on iPad worked prior to 5.1.1 update. Now nothing goes out. 😣

  • Jte

    I have updated my IPhone 3 to 5.1.1. Now the phone crashes constantly – regardless of I’m using an app, listening to music, checking email or doing absolutely nothing. It crashes completely or reverts to an apple splash screen that only unlocks after what seems to be completely random intervals. My phone is effectively useless now.

  • Dana Oleson

     I have an iPod touch G4 with the ToDoGenie app installed. The audio alert function no longer works. I ahve tested it with other apps and the audio alerts work ok.

  • Me

    I updated OTA and noticed a massive new bug, my volume bar has disappeared making it impossible to listen to music. When I use bluetooth the airplay switch only shows the bluetooth device and dock even though it’s not docked.

    I didn’t notice any battery improvement or decline.

    I’m using a 4s 64gb.

  • CJW

    I’m another with serious (and very annoying) issues with iOS 5.1.1. Call quality from my side is awful, call drops for a period then returns then drops. Another issue I’ve just experienced is that Music won’t allow me to go back a track, and when it goes forward a track it skips seemingly random amounts each time?! 

  • Missaelc9

    Battery life is terrible!! Apple needs to use its billions of dollars that they have just sitting around and do somehting ASAP! Having a phone with amazing features is worthless if it dies on you in less than 5 hours!

    • Keith Tintle

      I totally agree. My battery life has gone to s**t since the update. My batter used to last all day, and since the update it only lasts for half the day. Same usage habits. Crazy. 

  • Chrisd Lee66

    Phone battery poor, gets hot when charging and poor signal with Orange. Texts arrive 6 hours late and dont send. For such a big company and expensive phone, what a pile of s**t. Sort it apple

  • Andrewshawn

    I updated my 15 month iPhone 4 to 5.1.1 over the weekend, as soon as I did in every plug and every socket I attempted to recharge it would come up with “charging not supported with this accessory”. I rang Apple and they, of course, stated it was the first they had heard of it. Have insurance, but will still be out of pocket. Apple will never admit to changing anything, so I am more than furious. 

  • Ahllev

    after update, to 5.1.1 on ipad3, keyboard doesn’t pop up to type in password when waking from “sleep”. have to completely shut it off to restore keyboard

  • Rscmrac

    Battery life terrible after 5.1.1 update

  • Markvillanueva4

    I wasn’t gonna update my phone because I think updates give iPhone problems in order for u to get the new one. Kind of strange that this update has so many problems nearing the summer when possibly a new iPhone might come out. Anyways since the up date my battery drops from 85% to 12% in 4 hours of normal use not even streaming video. Bummer I got brainwashed by on of the apple geeks saying that the update will help my phone. 🙁 writing this post drained me 2%

  • Bill Burkholder

    I did the 5.1.1 update on my 4S, with no other changes, and noticed an immediate change in battery life: It was like some sort of switch flipped in my phone. Right after the update, my phone started getting really hot, and the battery drains to completely dead in just six hours of STANDBY! If I use the phone a few times to make calls, or watch a few minutes of video, or surf the web a little on it, it drains to dead in about four hours.

    Previously, I would charge it once a day, overnight, and it would have 30% to 50% charge left at the end of the day, with lots of emails, several calls, and significant web surfing in between.

    Needless to say, I’m ticked off. I called Apple today, and they wanted $30 to talk to me about it. I’ll be visiting the Genius Bar soon to rant in person. This is UNACCEPTABLE on a 6-month-old device that is otherwise in perfect condition. I’ve had no other trouble with it at all.

    There are 1.3 million hits and 850+ pages on an Apple Forum post regarding battery life on the 4S after software updates, if that tells you anything. 

  • kaitmckay

    My battery life dropped 6% in 15 minutes after installing iOS 5.1.1. I have to charge my phone multiple times a day just to keep my phone from dying.

  • Ramareddy

    My Iphone Battery Is Draining Out Very Fast After The Update Of 5.1.1

  • PaulC

    My iphone 4 has now started dropping its battery level much faster! At the end of a day i am 20% down on where i would normally be. I have also found that every so often a hesitation when moving through a menu item or after a slide unlock.

    Not good so far!

  • Bond_007b2002

    I’m having phone signal problems , only seemed to be happening after updating my iPhone to the latest software.

  • Benson

    I just updated my IOS to 5.1.1, but after the update my iphone so often refreshthemselves. and the battery runs out too fast, and I do not use my iphone

  • Daisymua916

    Battery life sucks now! Text messages won’t send..I would have to retry three to four times for it to go through…then when I call someone the calls always drop and I have to keep dialing it like 4 to 5 times for it to go through, also…it’s always searching for service. I have verizon and I know they always have good service…this did not happen until I recently upgraded to this 5.1 crap!! FIX IT!!

    • Cubbiejoy88

      I am having the same issues!! I can’t send text messages AT ALL. Only a couple have gone through after resenting multiple times. I can’t make phone calls and am not receiving them
      . Everything forecloses. Why on earth do I even have this phone if I can’t do anything on it!? And yes the battery life is ridiculous. I charge multiple times a day now. 🙁 before this update I had ZERO issues with this phone.

      • sharris

        i am now on day 2 without being able to call or dial out!

      • 09empoy

        hi were you able to resolve your problem regarding sending text messages?

  • MisterMike

    A half hour of web browsing has sucked 40% of my battery life. I installed the update last night and the battery drain started immediately after. Something’s not right.

  • Rosebayab

    My iphone 4 saves wi-fi password at home but not at work. Had to keep entering pasword every time I went out of range. Forget network and reset did nothing. Now my iphone 4 is sitting at home and I’m using my son’s 3g.

  • Micmike

    On my iPod touch 4g the keyboard lagged like **** apps are crashing do much because of adverts

  • york2

    I’ve had to reboot my iPad many times. Apps freeze, battery life suffers.  Same on the iPhone

  • James Celticchieftain

    Upgraded to iOS 5.1.1 on Saturday 12th, 3 days ago on iPhone 4s. I now receive 75% LESS battery life. Left home this morning it was 100% listened to music via iPods for twenty mins used Internet function sparingly throughout day (5mins @ time x 5) n FIVE hours later battery completely drained! I listened to two voice messages at around thirty secs each & was in conference all day. Email is on fetch and location services turned OFF.

    James, Sydney, Australia

  • P Ao_p

    ผมอับ iosมาเป้น 5.1.1 เเล้วพบปัญหาว่าแผ่นที่การรบกวนต่อเข็นทิศ เเล้วขยับเป็นเลขเป็ดก็ยังไม่ห้าย

  • Rob

    I have noticed since the last update, I have lost Audio from Apps, and on movies/songs ; the audio button had totally disappeared on any videos or songs I play…. I have a iPhone 4s and this is driving me crazy!!!!!!!

  • Sedem

    Every time I put my iPad on standby, my wi-fi connection goes off. It disrupting my downloads

  • Andrew Kienle

    My battery life has been horrendous since the update and I have been having problems with the touch screen becoming unresponsive and also the device inexplicably crashing.   (I have a 4s purchased in January)

  • Jason68

    Phone now blazing hot and battery being hammered. Even after a hard reset, so it shouldn’t be a rogue application. Battery at 20% at 1600, after light use. Normally gets right into the evening.

  • Jenn

    My battery will not even make it through 1 meeting so now I have a phone that is completely useless to me.  Not sure how to fix it but I’m freaking out.  Do I need to have an outlet everywhere I go? Didn’t have any problems until Thurs.  And when I do plug in to charge my phone gets so hot I can barely hold it.

  • David Fuller

    My 4S battery is crushed by 5.1.1. It now only lasts 5 hours in standby mode (used to last 12-15 while being used). I am so sick of Apple ruining perfectly good devices with these ridiculous “upgrades.”. 5,01 turned my iPad one into a paperweight. Thanks Apple.

  • Therriault51

    I have a Temperature shut down problem. Since I upgraded, after 5 min use, it gives a warning that it is too hot and needs to shut down.

  • Lonjet

    Yes i just both the iphone 4s after update 5.1.1 luke like battery very fast to drop. Please make a solution for this thanks.

  • Rob

    No battery issues, but I’ve encountered an annoying problem with my music.  I keep a lot of different playlists on my iPhone for running, and since the update I can’t do anything to them – I can’t add or delete songs, rearrange them, or even create a new playlist.  Frustrating.

  • Robert Cooper84

    My battery life on my iPhone 4 and iPad 2 decreased.. This update did nothing but make things worse and for apple to send out another update to fix more problems.

  • Obad100

    Battery life us definitely musc worse than iOS 5.1. I even downgraded to ios 5.1 the battery is better but still not as good as before updating and downgrading. Apple, fix this quickly.

  • Nickthweatt

    Ive never had battery issues with ios 5 till now, it’s become noticeably worse. Also have been having lots of iMessage issues

    • Exkct29

       I never had battery issues until I did my 1st update the 5.1 , I had to cold start the phone / or some ppl call it hard start …., … Which is simple & after I did it , I had better battery life ………Reset the iPhone. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least 10 seconds.
      [[Both buttons have to be presses simultaneously Ten seconds is the minimum, you may need to hold it for 30, 45 or
      During this time, a red “power off” slider may appear and the screen may
      go black, but do not release Sleep/Wake and Home buttons until the
      Apple logo appears.

  • Tim

    I am unable to get the new update.  After I receive the notice that it will be downloaded in 5 seconds I get an error and it directs me to settings but I do not know what setting needs to be changed.  Can anyone assist me?

    • Exkct29

       I would image they want you to turn WiFi on , It won’t download unless you use WiFi or through iTunes hooked up to pc

      • Exkct29

         and you either need a lot of battery life left or plug it in , They made me put mine on charge with 80% battery life & turn on Wifi

  • Melissa J West

    iOS 5.1.1 update issue: messages are sent as an iMessage and then ten minutes later are being sent as a text message. Both were received.

    • Exkct29

       LOG OFF your Apple Id account in your settings then restart phone THEN sign back in apple account , I had problems downloading apps from the app store & Face book kept crashing UNTIL I did this , then it was all fixed

      • Melissa J West

        Unfortunately it didn’t fix the text issue 🙁

  • Exkct29

    you have to sign out from your apple account ID , hold power & home button until power shuts off , keep holding those buttons , Apple logo will show up & then phone will completely turn off…….Let go all the buttons , 3 to 5 seconds later , turn it back on .. sign in to your Apple ID ….& enjoy the rest of your day 

  • Hefslady

    Since upgrade Friday to IOs 5.1.1 my ipad 2 will not connect – wifi strength is SUPER high but cannot connect…..I am so frusterated – Im reading forums where you have to go and change router settings, well that is BS, everything else is working fine, laptop, android phones, wireless printer…stupid APPLE fix this ASAP!!

  • Henning

    I cannot update or download apps from the app store. iTunes store doesn’t work either. The message ‘unknown error’ comes up every time. Very frustrating. No battery issues though

  • LK

    my screen will only show a connector pointing to the itunes logo. My phone will not revertto a phone and this screen will not disappear on resetting.

  • Rsr

    PROBLEMS!! IOS 5.1.1 battery -10%/hr loss when in standby, twitter cras , other app problems. Apple did it again. Not happy, might go to another smartphone today. I am tired of this. Apple stop trying to stop jailbreaking and work on positive things. Apple phone 4.
    Ron R

  • Rkee

     Having wi-fi problems too but the most annoying is my mobile phone network keeps dropping out only since i updated it this morning!

  • Commy

    having issues with wifi staying on allways reverts back to 3G and  the wifi is allways requesting a password to be put in and not saving the password 

  • Srah

    Ever since the new update, my use of my phone (iphone 3) has not changed, but my battery will be at 20% just after lunch from 100% at 7 in the morning. It’s dropping by 10% or more, when I actually use it, it’s dropping at an even faster rate. For those of us that use if for business and are constantly on the move, it is incredibly frustrating.

  • Emil K86

    The new patch has Killed my battery life in half, in the past I could go a whole day playing games and listing to music and only be at 40% by the end of the day. After the patch I’m lucky if I can go 12 hours on a charge including stand by

  • SHane

    l experienced significant battery life degradation and also a significant increase in heat. The phone temperature is I’m assuming related to the fact that I can only get about 4 hours of life from the battery now before needing to recharge, I have run it completely down and carried out a full recharge now about 4 times. Reset it and also done a complete software restore. None of these fiexed either the heat or the drop in battery life 

  • Cody

    iPhone 4, my battery didn’t get to 50% until I went to plug it in again at night, now it’s at 40% before 5:00. Wtf?

  • Mpearson

    Update killed my wifi. Icon still shows I am connected, but I can’t connect to any web pages.

  • Danarbic

    Installed the update last night. Now Music app doesn’t work anymore. iPad 2.

  • Ktsk88

    Yes noticeable drops in battery life after the 5.1.1. Hope Apple acknowledge it with a new update to solve this issue.

  • KarlSFagent

    batter icon in the upper right hand corner of the phone no longer shows the percentage of battery charge left. Is there any way to restore that feature?

    • Gianilonline

      It is a setting issue. Go to setting, general, usage then u can turn on the battery percentage

  • Norm C

    I’ve experienced a huge drop in battery life.  Seems widely reported as well.  


      I don’t know what you guys are experiencing but my battery life has double I’m using my phone for day two and I’ve never done that before. Battery life right now seems to have the next offended by two or a factor of 100


        Sorry, but I’m using Siri and the text conversion from voice is not always 100%