Xbox 360 web browser may force Sony to make PS3 improvements

By Alan Ng - May 11, 2012

PS3 users have been crying out for a fully functional and easy to use web browser for years, but unfortunately Sony hasn’t delivered. The web browser remains pretty shocking and sadly, the browser on the PS Vita isn’t exactly amazing either.

For some reason, Sony has really struggled in this department. Navigating to simple websites on the PS3 such as Facebook remains a chore and it is an area that many users wish Sony spent a bit more time improving.

With that said, their efforts to improve the browser may be forced, as we’re hearing that Microsoft may be planning to finally bring a web browser to the Xbox 360. Not only that, but it could be compatible with the Kinect camera, meaning that Xbox 360 users can navigate through websites using voice and hand gestures only.

According to a Polygon insider, the Xbox 360 browser could end up being a modified version of Internet Explorer 9. Moans and groans aside, if it carries the same look as the Metro style UI dashboard, you can bet that Xbox 360 users will be all over it in a flash and we’re willing to bet that it will offer a better experience than that seen on the PS3 at the moment.

Don’t forget that the Xbox 360 now has Bing Search, so extending that functionality with an web browser is obviously a very logical progression for the system. It also comes on the back of rumors suggesting that the next-generation Xbox may feature a biometrics controller so it is certainly looking good for Xbox 360 owners in the years to come.

Sony on the other hand will need to step it up if Microsoft are indeed planning this step. Navigating through websites using a brightly colored wand isn’t an option, obviously, so perhaps Sony needs to give their web browser an entire UI makeover, adding various menu and website shortcuts to make the experience as simple as possible.

It’s highly unlikely that we’ll see Adobe Flash working on the PS3 to an extent that it matches desktop performance, but Sony could find ways around this – i.e HTML5. At the moment they seem to have given up on their web browser as if to say ‘ there it is, that’s all you’re getting’, but if Microsoft bring out a superior browser you can bet that it will give Sony a wake up call that they badly need.

What is your opinion on the state of the web browser on the PS3? Do you think an Xbox 360 browser would force Sony to improve or do you think they are just holding off for next-gen now?

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  • Progamer

    If I wanted to go on the internet I would use my PC. If I wanted to listen to music I would use my IPOD. If I wanted to watch movies I would use my TV. I wish Xbox and stuff would focus on gaming instead of these pointless apps.

  • Theosbornia

     to be quite honest, the platform be it Xbox, ps3 or PC really does not matter just as long as you have a passion for gaming and you enjoy gaming, now STFU stupid fan boys, stop bitching on the internet and get playing games!

  • Jesus Christ! Only took 8 god damn years!

    • Eddykhan

      But they proved up until now people didn’t care about a browser on a console or it would of not sold.

      Odd how some people point out a browser is not available on the 360 BUT jump in straight away when someone says something like “Minecraft is a 360 console exclusive”
      then the usual ps3 fanboy comment “but but it’s also on PC” so what if it’s available on PC so is the bloody browser…..

  • Snitchkilla

    ps3. Vita for life. that’s why there’s a ps4. If they were broke…they are a year behind and less then 5 mil behind microgay.

  • Eff Sony, Get Xbox. 

  • rolfola

    sony probably has had a plan all along to make a better browser, would’nt be surprised if it came out now as a purchase $$$ dl-content.

  • Roger

    DIE SONY DIE, and take your lemming PS3TARD army with you to hell!

  • Zonewarriors

    Rather have good games amd new ip’s on the PS3 then having only kinect games the lasr years except Gears and Halo, still don’t understand why people keep screaming 360 is better, there are no new grear games on it the last couple of years.

    • David

      because the controller is better, the online service is better, achievements are better then trophys and that’s all you need to turn the playstation into a duststation.

    • I don’t know what “grear” games are. But they definitely aren’t on the PS3 either.

      • hello its me

        really, do u play video games at all ?

      • Facebook User

        Actually, inFamous, Ratchet & Clank (up until All4One), Uncharted, Killzone, and Resistance are actualy good games. And they aren’t all shooters.

        And then again, if every exclusive series stayed exclusive, then Xbox would have nothing good but Halo and Gears.

        And this is coming from someone who plays on Xbox more, and had it longer than a PS3, so inb4 fanboy.

        And by the way, we all see your smartass comment on this guy’s grammar.

    • Zack

       dont fight it anymore xbox won this generation

  • Masterlinkace

    Well, the issue is, nintendo use opera (which is wank), Sony just can’t make a web browser, and microsoft, even though they are the only company with their own (if not also wank) browser, are way behind the times. Really, people should be using the good browsers on the platform they belong on, the PC/Mac.

    • Facebook User

      Opera is better than the crap Sony keeps using. Have ever even heard of Access NetFront before the PSP?

  • Rayansaki

     tbh i didn’t use the browser at all for the first 2 years after I bought the console, but since vita’s browser doesn’t even have the basic flash implementation the ps3 browser does, I’ve been using the ps3 browser often now from vita’s remote play to watch streams and youtube on the vita.

  • HaVoK308

    The web browser on the PS3 does not exist for me really. Because it is absolutely horrible. I rather browse the web on a DSi. It will be cool to have a good browser on the 360, but I have no need for it. I have a PC and iPad for that.

  • Russell Gorall

    Can we stop pretending voice or gesture commands work well with Kinect? Try using Bing search on the console, after trying it about fifty times without success it tends to get old.

  • FonyPuppetNoMo

    it only does everything

    everything Fony wants you to do with it
    do you think Fony will add a fully functional browser so people can play free flash games instead of their own games? lol not gonna do it, it only does fuckall for me this system, servers are unsecure etc, never again will i buy a Fony product lol
    crash and burn Fony

  • Bkennedy26

    I dont get why so many people hate Sony, its like they have a personal vendetta. seriously it wasnt sony that gave you a system with a 50% failure rate. why are people so damn mad at sony?

    • Grob

      Because sony is filled with arrogance and couldn’t careless about their customers?

      • kiwihead

        really? I never find sony arrogant at all. Sony has better customer service than Microsoft. When I send my xbox back to MS for repair it takes forever to solve.

    • Eldog

       That’s what I’d like to know. My guess is people are still sore about the $600 price tag in the beginning for ps3, but now I think people hate them because it’s popular to hate them. 

    • Driscoll85

      May have something to do with spending $600 on the ps3, then Sony deciding they didn’t want us to have certain features, I.e install other os, and forcing us to remove this feature to be able to keep all the other features I paid for. If they decided to remove blu ray playback they effectively could due without any legal challenge due to the precedent they’ve set

  • Meniacleman

    i think web browsers are pretty irrellevant

  • Ed V

    All I use it for is watching porn. I figure, if it kills my PS3, that better than my 2k Mac. But it works just fine for my needs.

  • DjrandyDjp

    i think it is a great idea but i also think is a little late in the game with the possible of the next Xbox just around the corner good idea but way late in the game.  

  • TM

    Yeah, this is about as important for a games console as my bellybutton fluff is to Hugh Heffner.

    • Grob

      This is a little known fact but all of Hugh Heffners dressing gowns are indeed made of belly button fluff!

  • Arnold

    The recent update made the browser stable and compatible with tons of websites, especially flash heavy ones.

  • Is this author talking about the same Sony who has been decimated by tens of billions of dollars in losses over the last few years?  And you think they’re going to spend money doing anything to a console that is on it’s way out the door?  Don’t hold your breath buddy.

    • Renai_kakume

      Of course they will…its called games ^_~

  • The PS3 browser was recently updated and now works fine.

    • NegativeNancy

      Except for the fact that it’s on the PS3

    • MacVities

      Indeed, but why let that fact get in the way of another idiotic anti-Sony rant that bears little relation to reality.

      I use the PS3 browser all the time, and don’t have any problems whatsoever.

      Infact the PS3 browser now scores better than IE9 in the HTML5 test…  So if anyone needs to up their game, it’s Microsoft…

    • Guest

      LOLWUT? No matter how many updates the PS3 received and its browser (and there were so many). The PS3’s browser is utter SHITE! Sony will go bankrupt anyway, so there is no way they will be able to pour anymore money into the moneypit they created for themselves. F em!

      • sonys going bankrupt? lol, who gave you such a retarded idea as that, they have lost some money but not enough to declare dooms day for sony

        • Grob

          Year after year after year sony has been making loses. The ps3 is a massive failure and has been a big money drain for them. Nearly every segment of their business is failing and falling way behind the competition. Oh yes… sony is nearing it’s end 🙂

          Die sony DIE!

      • awaiken

        I don’t know what’s more retarded, your comment or the fact that 4 people clicked like

    • jesse west

      I think so to besides who the hell buys a ps3 or xbox for a web browser. web browsers are on phones tv pc’s and more. If you don’t have access to one than stop wasting your your money on video games. Simple really. If it gets you off by being able to move it with a hand or voice controlled well then you need to get a life. Its microsoft it will be over rated like windows. I would never turn on my ps3 for a use of a browser and I would never purchase a xbox agin for the simple fact that they could’t fix my xbox red ring so i fixed it my self. So all this hype about microsoft is a wast of talk. for windows 8 i would piss on befor i would install on someones pc. I use google chrome browser and would never use explorer and now windows 8 is trying to take away the right of me using what browser i want to use. BS but microsoft is so great right? HA HA HA LOL NEVER!